Last Man Standing (Bis zum letzten Mann)

Game Version:

  • Build: 101.101.33315.0
  • Platform: Microsoft Store


Last Man Standing doesn’t work. If we play in the same team (Multiplayer, local lan) and killed all the enemies, then the game will not end. We must fight against our friends to win, but we’re on the same team from beginning. With old Conquerors it will work, but not with DE AI.

Reproduction Steps:

Simple to test. Just play the game in Multiplayer (2 humans=Team 1, other PC-Enemies=Team 2)
This issue was in beta also.


Nobody of the devs like to answer?

The entire point of the Last Man Standing mode is that only one player can win. This doesn’t seem like a bug. You’re expected to unally at some point.

Ah ok, then my expectation was wrong. Thanks for feedback.

But how it’s possible to play in one team against other KI players and win the game as ONE Team?
Any idea?