Late game Economy by Civ discussion

Hi all, low diamond Mongol main here. Currently starting to learn other civs.

I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to how the Mongol economy works, and late game it is pretty easy since due to silk road, Mongol can through trade alone get all 4 resources (whilst yes, I take vills and still go get food via sheep and wood, 10% of trade just isn’t enough alone).

Now learning other civs, I’m wondering what your ideal economy looks like late game. For example, I know English have a lot of farms, as they can generate gold from enclosures. China uses farms/graneries and tax for food and gold. However, once the map runs out of wood and stone, other than buying it at the market, how do you get those (particularly stone).

Whilst I’m mostly interested in learning Malians and Dehli at th emoment, I would love an answer broken down by each civ, or just someone who can summarise how the late game economy of each civ ideally works. As for now, I’ve only got a good grasp of my main civ.

Thanks in advance for you help!

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I’m a high platinum player China, Delhi main.
With China getting relics early can help with stone income once you get Yuan Dynasty pagodas each one gives 50 of each resource a minute. also using imperial officials on stone mines will get you 20% more stone.
Delhi is not so good with late game economy, but in late game farms around village fortress keeps. and tithe barn relics. compound of defender will make your stone last longer, and hisar academy is a good passive food source.
I normally end games before wood and stone become a problem.
The Abbasids and French can get wood from trade.
The Malians have a massive passive gold and food income. that can be turned into stone or wood, and warrior scouts or Sofa + siege festival from the Griot Bara can take down buildings quickly. They have potential for you to save wood on siege weapons.
The English don’t have any bonus that helps them retain or get stone, but 2 well placed landmark keeps can save stone as they only cost wood to repair and food + gold to build.
The Holy Roman Empire Relics + tithe barns + Regnitz can give a passive stone and wood income similar to China farms around Aachen instead of granaries.
If you go Golden Gate instead of Kremlin as Rus you can get good late game trades on stone.