Late game economy

So in the extreme late game, gold flows really easily from trade.

Normally, games in multiplayer end with either a wonder victory, a sacred locations victory, or one side or the other runs out of resources. However, sometimes there comes a situation where both players are super turtles.

When both players turtle hard, we get gold gluts, and no easy way to dump gold to end the stalemate.

I propose the following mechanic for markets. Players can dump gold at a rate of 10,000 gold per attempt in order to inflict some sort of economic harm on the opponent. This could take the form of higher prices for troops for everyone (including the player who spent the 10,000 gold) or it could take the form of everyone equally losing say… 5,000 gold.

This way economic power could be leveraged to choke an opponent out.

gold is too abundant in this game.

Why wonder victory don’t work if your opp play super turtle?


The game has wonder victory and sacred site victory. Turtling is not an unbeatable strategy in this game.


I just wish I could make it to a late game. I never seem to build my army early enough

In my opinion the economy is fine, and I like that you don’t run through all the gold as quickly. I would say that they need to add conquest as a victory like the other games. The landmark victory is so stupid