Late game villager sink

So it would be nice to be able to buy and sell villagers at the market instead of having to kill the villagers to make room for more units. Or gift the villagers to other people. :frowning:

For that matter, it would be nice to be able to gift units to other people. Or request units or even buildings from other people. Under the diplomacy tab, you should be able to click request structure, and send a request to transfer the structure to you to the ai, or to another player.

a very interesting suggestion, some via diplomacy option, alongside properly implemented diplomacy would be smt

I had already requested this

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Tribute units would be cool, but I think not villagers. You already pay taxes for giving resources to others, so it would not be fair to the actual system giving villagers.

What if we could take units (any units) to a special unit market to be sold for gold?