Allied Tribute - Empire Earth 2

I know that most of the rts community is interested in cooperative games. In Empire Earth 2 you can tribute units, I would like a mod that allows you to tribute units except villagers, and if you like it, it may be added to the standard game

The resource tax already has a 30% tax so perhaps that cannot be abused, it would have to be tested

Or the tribute could be decimated for every 10 units delivered 1 is eliminated or something like that

Or the tribute of units has a tax according to the number of units delivered

EE2 have been a Great game with innivative features. I loved the possibility to share and esecuting “strategici plans” with allies.

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Dark reign use to have that aswell. Its a pain sending your units across the map to help a team mate. Would rather send them and give the units to them to defend there base.

Big maps its to hard to control units everywhere

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I would love having this feature too

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