Latest patches causes crashes, Hardly had issues before this patch

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  • GAME BUILD #: 100.12.20322.0
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Ever since the latest patch I have been experiencing crashes. Have a decent PC and I have always played on max graphic settings. With this weeks patch, I have started to experience crashes. I very rarely experienced issues before. Today we were in about 15-ish minutes into a treaty and my game crashed. I had a shipment available. I went to home city today and clicked the “Cigar Roller” card, it was this exact moment the game terminated. (No error, No message, the game just completely terminated without a trace.) Not sure if it is related to sending the shipment or not.

I know this is anecdotal, but this week, I have noticed a lot more players that have dropped early due to a “connection loss” / Crash both on my team and enemies.

This was a ranked game, Very frustrating.

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  • 50% of the time / matches I play (FREQUENTLY)

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  2. Wait for it

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Not Crash.

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yeah was with Mal7887 and it crashed his game causing me to lose rank this has happened a lot over the past few days since the update

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My game crashes every time I try and play it after this update. One note also is that I have the game purchased through Steam as well, and it works fine, so it has to be a Microsoft issue ( I have the games installed on the same computer, but on separate SSD’s). They were the exact same before the update, and never once had a crash previously.
As for a saved game file, mine won’t actually make it into the game, it crashes at load screen every time. I have Latest drivers, newest C++ redist too. Reinstalled the whole game as well.

Have the game on steam and it still crashes during the match to so i think it might be a larger issue than just on the Microsoft platform

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Mine will not ever even make it past load screen when trying to enter a game on Microsoft platform, and I have now played many games without incident on Steam, so, these may be different types of crashes, since you actually make it into the game it sounds like. They mentioned tweaks for helping older hardware to render, I am using all newer hardware, so, I am wondering if that has something to do with it.

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hmm i have next to new hardware with a 3070 graphics card, and its done it to multiple people over the last few days from the Clan im in since the new patch, either pops up with connection loss or even just crashes to desktop with no warning.

Same here with the 3070…I don’t think I was very clear with my previous message. What I meant to say is that I think when they started making tweaks in the software to make older hardware perform better, and I think it is possible it might have caused issue with people who have newer hardware. This happened all of the sudden when they talk about big performance upgrades for older hardware. It feels like their is an issue with display adapter drivers to me, the way it crashes. I think it even corrupted my Nvidia drivers last time where I had to reinstall them. Why I thought it was with Microsoft is because I can play on Steam now with no issues, which is a good thing I bought that other game on sale, as I wouldn’t be able to play if I hadn’t.

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ahh right i see sorry about that, but yeah just be aware its been crashing in game to :slight_smile:

Just played a NR60, game crashed again, this time shortly after treaty ended. It was at the almost same time when I was sending a Home City Shipment. Right when I clicked the button, the game crashed.

Something changed with last patch I never had issues like this until March patch. An hour invested, Total Waste. PLEASE FIX THIS.

Here is record file. Record Game.age3Yrec (7.7 MB)

I have also experienced a similar crash (the game just terminates no hanging or message) after the latest patch. It has happened 3 times today. In multiplayer and in single player skirmish. I was playing Inca. In one game it was at around 30mins in and in another it was at about 15 mins. I can’t think of a specific action that cause it.

The Patch had some great balance changes ! but it feels it unecessarily touched the game and now its laggs alott!!! although a crash never happned ! it sure LAGGS! ALLOTT MORE since the update!

Every time I try to load start a multiplayer game, the client crashes and exits to desktop without warning right as the game is about to start. I never make it past the loading screen. Happened about 4 times in a row, with computer restarts between tries.

I verified steam files. The only issue I’ve had in the past is some really long load times that would be fixed upon restarting my computer. Never had any persistent crashing before. My computer has high-end hardware.

Looks like I can’t play skirmish or watch recorded games either. just as the game is about to finish loading, the client crashes and exits to desktop. I tried a full re-installation. still can’t play a game.

Hey there! If you have not already, try working through these steps to see if any of them work for you:

If none of those steps work, I’d recommend reaching out to support directly, as they will be able to help narrow down why this might have started recently, and will be able to collect information that will help the team dig into the problem if needed.

Thanks for the report; I hope we can help you find a solution!

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Hallo, ik heb dit probleem ook al gehad ik had een shipment en direct sluit het spel en ga ik naar desktop … geen idee wat er gebeurt ik heb een gaming pc dus daar gaat het niet aan liggen. Na de laatste patch heb ik veel crashes en de meeste komen voor in Ranked … zeer frustrerend !

WOW. So many people crashing now since last patch. So awesome to loose ELO because Ally crashes before the treaty is even over.

I do appreciate your response here, but this is something that was introduced in the last patch. None of the basic troubleshooting steps address what is happening now. People who I play with who never had issues before now have random crashes mid game.

My rank, along with several of my friends has been destroyed because of this latest patch.

Unbelievably frustrating.

i get that you are trying to help and all, but since the last patch all the game does is crash… i pressed my home city and it crashed that’s all the fault was. i cant submit a record game because it is not showing up in my recorded games after it crashes. its like the game lags a little and then crashes to desktop, i know its not a hardware issue, And have to agree with Mal7887 its really getting annoying now rank is getting destroyed because of it…

Is there any update on this at all???

I and people I play with and experiencing regular crashes now. Did not have issues like this before the march patch? Why will you not come out with more info? Or a fix or something? I try not to be a negative voice about this game but it’s slowly making me despise a game that I love.

FYI - Contacted support and was given a script.

Hello there,

Thank you for contacting Age of Empires Support.

Can you please try the steps below first:

  • Check for Windows updates manually and install all of them
  • Re-install your GPU drivers, if you have recently updated them, try installing the previous version of drivers
  • Whitelist the whole game folder instead of just game .exe file and disable any deep/live scanning feature. If you are using AVG Free Edition please disable it completely**.**
  • Uninstall the game, restart your PC then re-install the game to your main drive
  • Make sure that the game uses your external GPU instead of your on-board graphic card
  • Uninstall any mods that you have previously installed

If the steps above don’t work out, please visit the articles below for further troubleshooting.

Should you require any further assistance, please let us know.