Latest TG map pool - 1 hybrid and no water maps?

Only just realised it today although its been staring me in the face… why isnt there a TG water map in the pool? Thats ok, but why is there only 1 hybrid map (scandi)? Current map pool kicks hybrid races like italy in the nuts…


I completely agree with you!
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Because no one wants to play maps like that, otherwise they would have voted for them when given the opportunity. Also, it doesn’t matter, since everyone is preferring Arabia, Arena, Black Forest, so I doubt you’d get a water/hybrid map anyway even if they were in the pool (pun intended :wink: )

recently i learned how wrong this actually is… the same way most countries voting systems work… ie it isnt a case of no one wanted water, just a larger group wanted something else, but due to the flawed voting you have a system that gives a warped answer

google plurality voting, its way too much to explain here… but even in the comments of each map vote people admitted they didnt back their favourite (ie water, megarandom etc) because they assumed “water” would lose anyway

either way its obviously not a case of “no one”

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The comments is what, like 20 to 50 people complaining about not getting the map they wanted, some of whom wanted a water/hybrid map?

Whilst on the other hand several thousand people voted, therefore I don’t think a tiny representation of views in the comments section really means much on the whole.

Also, it’s people who didn’t get what they want who are more likely to register their complaints than those who did. If I wanted open land maps and I got them, then I have nothing to post about. Whereas if I wanted water maps and I didn’t get that, I have something to post about.

It doesn’t really matter regarding voting since it’s the best system we have. Top 3 maps are picked, and if number 3 gets 32% of the vote but number 4 gets 31% of the vote, well then it’s just tough luck. Same goes for elections etc. etc.

If you can think of a better system, go ahead suggest it to the devs.

I preffer an hybrid/ water map than either arena or BF. And I think most people do


We have 9 maps. Make sure there are always 2 open land maps, 2 close land maps, 2 open hybrid maps (costal, four lakes, gold swamp, etc), 2 close hybrid maps (continental, baltics, yucatan, etc), 1 water/migration map(archipelago, islands, sandbank, etc). And then take multiple polls on each type of the maps.

If a map is re-picked two times, it won’t appear in the next poll.


Well I hope they “force” at least 1 water map every other season… because if it’s gonna depend on map vote is 0% chance of a water map.