Latest Update, Strelets No Longer Instant for Russia?

I normally play treaty, and play a lot of Russia, previously after all infantry cards are sent and church upgrade is done, all infantry, including Strelets are instant.

I didn’t see anything with latest update for Russia addressing Strelets train time, but in the current game version, they are no longer instant. (did I miss it?)

Was this an intended change? If so, was this needed? Already felt like Russia was lacking.

have you remembered to use the capitol upgrade “immigrants”? it is necessary for instant strellet spam.


You are right. I was watching a friend play Russia yesterday and his were not instant, and I kept arguing with him that they should be. Then I went and ran a quick skirmish to prove him wrong, but didn’t research Immigrants. (I normally do everytime I play a normal game just for Pop space, never paid attention to the train time buff it gives also).

That was the problem, Thanks!