Laying Down Multiple Walls, Vill Won't Immediately Switch to Task!


While laying down multiple walls (of any type - stone or palisade), the vill won’t proceed to the important most recent task (of making the wall straight away). The vill will (say they’re berry-foraging) continue to gather resources instead of immediately switching to the wall-building task.

I suspect that this is because the shift key is used to lay down multiple walls together. This seems to INTERFERE with the vills task-queue-protocol game mechanic!

With regular tasks, this is a good thing. Vills MUST finish gathering food from sheep and THEN move to the woodline. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work well with sequential wall-build tasks. Waiting to finish gathering your resources BEFORE moving to a wall build task is obviously the difference between getting raided and keeping your base secure!

Is there any way to fix this problem? Can I change it so that the shift button is not being used to queue tasks? Or is there a different solution?

Assign villager from gathering action to another action that ends quickly (preferably drop-off or simply move to some place closer to walls) without shift-click, so that he can continue on shift-clicked actions.

Shift-click appends to current action, so when I want unit to begin new sequence of actions, I assign first action without shift (so it becomes new current action) and assign rest of actions with shift (so that they will get appended to new current action).

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