League of Leyends style Ping System

Hey! Something I think AOE II is kind of lacking is a fast way to comunicate with other players without knowing all the taunts. This could be solved by a quick ping system in the style of the one in League of legends, where you can quickly tell your allies where you are moving, to care for enemies or that you need help just by dragging your mouse. It would be great to see this in AOE 4


What do you think, would you be into this addition??


I approve. The flair system is too basic currently. It could be improved to show different cases with different signals. Also their sound could be different so you recognize them immediately. Currently it is a ping fest.

I also would love this addition to be in aoe2, if possible.

Sure, minus that ugly gamepad-like wheel that resembles a console game.

Relic has done this for Company of Heroes, so most likely we will have something similar in AoE4.

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