Leaving penalty

Honestly I don’t really get why a player leaving a game before X minutes should be punished with a 5 minutes penalty, losing points is enough I think. This should only be for dodgers.


The penalty for dodging is ridiculous too. I’ve had two timeouts in the last couple days because the game froze after a match was found.

MS has to walk this back and just improve the matchmaking system.


The whole thing with the timout was just a bad idea.
What did we expect? That peopls who for 2 years played arabia only and reached 1600 + elo there woul gladfully accept being stomped on every other map cause they don’t understand it? And when they play arabia again they win every time with a stomp?
But the damage has already have been done.

At the same time we still have terrible TG matchmaking cause dsvs still haven’t included the correct “exponential average” for the team elos, proposed like ages ago.


I strongly disagree. Team games were unplayable before but are great now. Losing points for leaving a map you didn’t want to play essentially allows you to be a smurf and Alt-f4 (double toxic!).

I feel for you if you can’t afford a PC that can run the game, but that’s not the fault of the game.


The reason why this is there is because otherwise map dodgers would simply always resign. Sure, the other players get points but most people don’t care about Elo, and just want to have a good time. So in the end, it has the same result as when alt-f4 dodging was the standard.

They should finetune the system, however. Players that crash shouldn’t get the penalty, and in a team game the player that resigns first alone should get the penalty, not anyone resigning after that

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Really? Nearly every single map in the game put into rotation (main exceptions being Nomad or Megarandom) always has 8 Herdables, 2 Boars, 3-4 Deers, 2 Gold piles, 1 Stone pile and 2-4 Wood Lines near your base. What build orders are good on Arabia are also fundamentally also perfectly fine for Atacama, Gold Rush, Runestones, literally all most fully land open maps are Arabia clones in some manner, and there are usually 2-3 of them on any given 1v1 map rotation. (Enough to ban all non-arabia-esq maps)

The main things that change on these Arabia clone maps is the location and amount of secondary resources to grab and elevation, but any Arabia player that has reached 1600+ Elo 1v1 (1600 Team Elo is trash) should understand that scouting out secondary resources and points of interest on a map to be extremely important, and be well versed in this skill. If you are unable to succeed on a map just because these minor differences in gameplay throw you off. That says alot more about your skill, the reasons why you are successful on (I.E. You just one trick a specific strat that inflates your elo to higher than it reasonably should) than the map being “bad”

For me it’s simple. It’s a game, not a job. I will play it the way I want.
I have limited time to play the game. I will not waste it on boring map I don’t want to play.

I don’t care about my MMR, but I do care to play what I like to play. Devs try to force me to play the way they want? No problem. There’s hundreds other games.

And there is simple solution: unlimited bans.
I guess devs are afraid that it would be impossible to find game for unpopular maps. But why forcing people to play unpopular maps?!

Once again, it’s a game, not a job. Don’t expect me to treat it like a job.


You’re not wrong but at the same that’s a bit of a simplification imo. I mean maps like gold rush or golden pitt are pretty easy to wall so oftentimes they do play out less aggressive in feudal age. And there is a lot of closed maps that get in from time to time. You can’t always ban all of these and water maps at the same time. And the discrepsncy in skill is pretty huge on these. People that know you how to play these usually know how to play arabia (even if they perform worse on average) but the other way around isn’t always true. Seen this quite a lot.

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Because there is a rather big portion of players who prefer quick play over ranked. Quick play also used to suffer a lot from dodgers, but since there was no dodging penalty in force - the dodger would just resign right away without losing anything (its quick play. so no ELO involved) And now that the penalty got introduced - the dodging hardly ever happens. I had that 2 v 2 Nomad game some weeks ago. My teammate said "i dont like this map" right away. I asked him just to do his best. Which he did, we won in early Imp. After gg he said the map was not that bad after all.
With the penalty system we will get more players being skilled at playing different maps over time.


Or more probably less people playing overall.


Nah it rather improve and we get less 1 map only boomer vibes

Because as we know its about every map not just 1