Legacy issue: please have an option to de-saturate textures


maybe not the perfect example, or im using the wrong term, but here we have a bunch of textures that become flat surfaces due to colour palette being over bright?

like the detail is there, its not visible even though its (likely) being rendered?

i love the game, and its come a long way, but i still feel like there’s gfx issues that could make the game better without increasing the system requirements

This is what they look like on my screen:


That’s at 1440p and using reshade with just a couple of filters:

Zoomed out for playing I can’t really see any of the detail that’s there anyway.


Not sure, If I am saying right, but for me, the AoE4 players colors are too “vivid”

If I compare with other RTS - AoE2&3 DE, StarCraft 2, Cossacks 3, C&C3…

I feel, like pikemen and villagers in AoE4 wear “colorful pijamas”

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aoe4 does have intentional overexposure of player color, ofc most noticable on units, and i agree its overboard, and now that i think of it, isgreen directly implied a saturation slider to reduce this, to me this game plays about equally to aoe3 DE with accessibility option of outlines enabled, it doesn’t break the game, but its less than ideal so to speak imo

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Mentioned Cossacks 3, it looks more natural

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the effect on aoe4 image seems like a combination of 2 things ultimately,1. more exposed unit saturation + sharp outline that tries its best not to be super in your face, 2. surroundings being intentionaly desaturated, making units stand out even more

but thats not the game doing it.

and even then your cyan looks unnaturally horrendous


i remember this as well. but not sure if /when they will ever get to this.

that makes sense, i think SC managed to do it better (if they even did that) aoe4 just seems so jarring and displaced, maybe they went overboard with it, even if its a good idea ultimately

starcraft’s saturation and color contrast is far more in line with age 2 for brood war (ik brood war released first so it inspired at least few parts of aoe2) and 3 for SCII, it had slight variations from game to game, then DE for 2 left og contrast basically as it was, and 3 DE as well, while reducing og’s bloom making textures stand out more, honestly age 4 here breaks that pattern by going in different direction with clear exposure and strong saturation on units and lack there of on all other aspects of it, as i stated here

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Honestly, it would absolutely thrilling if they could implement Graphics Overhauls into AoE4 that would allow Units, Colors, Buildings, and Background would be in the Art Style of AoE2 DE or AoE2 Classic!!

Anything that makes the game more accessible to the Old Guard of AoE and bring more players into the future of AoE, I welcome and wish to meet more AoE players

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a little smt i was able to achieve with reshade ofc its not perfect, but i’d say its closer to ogs
vs this

same map to show the difference

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looks great, i really dont like that perspective though. but the reshade looks good!

ye its on panoramic, i find classic to be too darn close, this partially fixes it (tradeoff being more vertical angle)

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ive done some fiddling and adjusted reshade to be similar to yours, didnt go as dark. because it darkens the other colours as well. thanks for the recommendation. but still doesnt necessarily fix the underlying issue of the extreme disparity in colour contrast, but its better than it was at least

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you should try color contrast one, i used it in my example