Legal actions required

I started to see this announcement on youtube about a game called Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire. this game is stealling the look of age of empires 2, i also encourage to look for the add they use on youtube to sell the game, calling it a 20 year old game and also coppying the look of the original conquerors expansion box of the game.


Unfortunately most of phone apps adds shows age of empires. And steals names of Age of Empires and Rise of Nations.

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indeed but it should not mean they get a free pass

Just did a quick Google search. The developer company is based in Beijing…
That’s interesting.
But I doubt anything would happen if Microsoft still wants to sell AOE franchise in China. :frowning:

this has be happening for about a decade at this point.


Yeah every T90, viper, or Memb video I watch on youtube has these guys advertising this garbage :roll_eyes:


It’s a ■■■■■■ company that’s making a lot of money, if you look at their app store they’re not having trouble at all. It would be worth it for Microsoft to sue in order to protect their IP, and I think they could get considerable damages (although I’m a shmuck and know nothing about law). These companies make a lot of money off of idiots, and getting it taken down from the app store at least would probably be possible just by contacting google.

Here is the ad they constantly barrage me with

8.000.000+ views, while the vids is hidden?!

In this example it stole hd textures (grass, water) and a bridge when advertising. Icon is nearly stolen, name is from Age of Mythology. I am not sure units and buildings models. All of them same style game. This isn’t inspiration.

I am not sure but play store has a lot of this style games. I saw this style game firstly Clash of Kings (has legit advertisement) but then number these style games gone up a lot. Is someone forget to get rights of it or is it easy to code I am not sure.

Sorry for my English if I made some mistakes.