Legal map hack cheat in game

In game, for owners 4k monitors have legal map cheat right in game. If I turn off UHD graphic, I can to scale my visible area in half of all map. It is illegal. In starcraft, warcraft and etc fix this problem, because for cybersport game that unacceptable. For example, in starcraft even dont work support ultrawide monitors, because that is advantage. Please, fix it. What do you think about this?

Sorry for english. I hope, you understood me.

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You gain vision but you can’t micro effectively anymore. This is not advantage.


I can switch at any time with the mouse wheel. In all game that is a problem and developers fixed it, and that game that isnt a problem? Hah.

No one can play like that, it is not a hack, it is a disadvantage.


Meanwhile in starcraft, if I played with 4k monitor my scale same as in fullHD. In all rts and moba games that is a problem. But no here x))
Fixing the scale at different resolutions is a common practice.

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Good luck using this “cheat” to gain a lot of ELO and report back :slightly_smiling_face:

I stopped playing Warcraft 3 partly due to that. It looks stupid to be fixed in a small view with a big screen.

Good luck playing like this. Pros use pretty normal resolutions as far as I know.


You can cheat even harder if you look to the bottom right corner. There you can see the WHOLE map. Some hackers call it “the minimap”.

On a more serious note. This “advantage” has existed for more then a decade (since userpatch enabled higher resolutions). Yet most Pros don’t use 4k monitors…

Though I do think having the option to zoom out and get a better overview can be an advantage in the lategame of Low ELO games…

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This cheat is so overpowered that the op can’t break 800 elo using it wow, must be gamebreaking…
If you claim 4k screen is a cheat then prove it by not having some laughable LEL rating

This is so stupid get to personal. Maybe you want to measure the size of something else?
I play for fun, and that doesnt metter. I described a probem, that is fixed in other cybersoport games.
You dont find it in moba, you dont find it in rts, and even in shooters like cs go and etc. You cant buy 4k monitor and have more view area. This is the standart. There is a saying in my country “Each frog praises its bog”. Don’t be that frog.

Since its available to everyone i dont think is a big deal. Hera addressed this in a stream it is extremely difficult to manage your army and it is to much info to focus on to make choices. You can zoom out like that on 1080p and 1440p. It just sucks playing like that.

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