Legendary Warriors from brazil do not update

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  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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I was testing Brazil and before sending the Tupi warriors shipment i sent legendary native warriors.
However when the Tupi warriors shipment arrived they were elite and not legendary (as they should).

From what i saw if there is at least one native warrior in your roster the upgrade enters into effect. But if not it just doesnt.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. I was with the Dutch but i saw this before as Portuguese
  2. Revolt to Brazil
  3. Send Legendary Native Warriors (without having any native warrior in your roster)
  4. Send Tupi Warrior
  5. The Tupi are still elite and have not upgraded.

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That future Tupi shipments would send legendary natives.

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As you can see i sent the card before the infinite tupi

But the Blackwood of the shipment were elite and not legendary

Could be another case of missing tag or tech. I don’t have DE installed currently so can’t test it, but if you want to check, you may try this if you want:

  1. Play as Port and include the infinite Tupi Archer on deck.
  2. Play on Amazonia and make sure the TP spawn Tupi.
  3. Create TP and train at least 1 Tupi Archer, but don’t research any upgrade or anything.
  4. Age up to 4, and send infinite Tupi Archer. This should automatically upgrade the TP Tupi Archer and Infinite Tupi Archer to Elite and Champion (Both are in different unit groups).
  5. Revolt to Brazil then send the Infinite Tupi from Brazil and check the stats of those 3 different sourced Tupi Archer. If there is 3 group, that means the Revolt Brazil Tupi Archer are a different unit and missing the Champion tech from the Brazil card. If there is 2 group that means the Brazil Tupi Archer are the same unit as one of the 2 Tupi Archer and get the benefit of the Champion upgrade either from TP tech or Port infinite Tupi Card.

Regardless the outcomes, my suspicion is the Brazil Infinite Tupi Card missing the Champion upgrade on it, unlike the Portuguese Infinite Tupi. You can see that in your case the Tupi have 80+60 HP, meaning it have the Elite +25% and Legendary +50% tech, but missing the Champion 35% upgrade.

Regarding the name, it because the game read the Elite is the latest tech researched and think it have higher priority (in name) than the Legendary, but the 50% bonus is there.

Hi @DAC1789, sorry for the late response. But we’re now tracking this issue :slight_smile: