Lens of the Beta testers

There’s a lot of activity going on by the testing of the AoE IV beta testers. This topic is espically for the beta testers if they actually want to share their experiences or evaluations about the game.

The closed beta was much better then the stress test. It ran smoother, wasn’t flashing error codes all the time, and didn’t do stupid stuff like lock all your graphics settings on low

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True, but all the map turn out to be more simplistic and litle, whit uniform land.

The map gerenation, in open beta, was made of circle and no awsome terran future, like in closed beta.

Sadly, :pensive: i can’t talk about closed beta.

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What’s the difference between stress test and closed beta there???

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I’m afraid we can’t say much.

You’ll figure out on release unless they reveal more to the public or lift the NDA. All I’ll say is you’re in for a good surprise.

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Different civs and maps. In my case it was different because of really bad graphics and errors

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Closed Beta was chosen participants. Open beta… any body can play. They NEED to pre-set some of these settings to be able to tell what’s what and gather performance data. Otherwise, it’ll be a crapshow and one hell of a messy dataset.