Less Holy sounds more WOLOLO

Priest need more WOLOLO when converting enemy units

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What you mean? Exactly…

Is this another spam post or could you please try to ebolarate little bit more?

When the priest is converting units its doing many different church related sounds, and you rarely hear that desired wololo


In Age of Empires II?

I think that’s the whole point

Wololo was AoE 1 sound, not AoE 2.


This might be a bug on the DE version, but sometimes the monk DOES the wololo sound when converting a unit. For me it happens when the monk is in the center of my screen at first (converting something), then I would scroll to a different area and then set the focus back on him.

Sometimes it is even mixed with the “holy” sounds. Quite funny actually.

No, the current volume of WOLOLO is sufficient for gameplay already!


Surely it’s a sort of homage to AOE1, or an Easter egg.