Let European Livestoke pen provide population?

Never see people build this in any supremacy game.
How about let Livestock provide pop like House?

House: 1200HP, cost 100w, 10 sec to build. +10 pop.
Livestoke pen: 1200HP, cost 150w, 20 sec to build,
Select Breeding (tech that speeds up fatten): cost 75w 75c.

Let Livestoke pen +5 pop, set build limit to 1; increase the available slot for Herdable to 20. And research Select Breeding will additionally +15 pop. (+20 total)

I think it won’t actually affect the game largely, make the game more complex (it is a building already exists in the game) or give players additional burden of macro, but can make livestock appear often. People can just build a livestock pen like they build a big house.

I heard livestoke pen is useful in treaty games, But is it necessary to build more than 1 livestock pen if it has 20 slots for herdabals? I feels it has no problem either.

20 cows + 30 sheeps = 50… easily solved by +1 limit after cows HC card tho (but 10 keep out…)

i think livestocks are in the category of “doesnt need to be competitive in every mode to every faction”.

I believe Livestocks can receive QOL improvements even though it is not as competitive, I have used it in the past and it is very useful if done right. Though here is something

One of the latest upgrades in regards to herdables, made to the game was that you were able to find fatten herdables through a hotkey. which was kind of cool for choosing all those that were fatten already, however.

For this building though I would suggest adding a Rally Point that would send Fatten cows to a place right after they are fat, as this is the only thing I really struggled with when doing any strat in regards to it

Because usually the way it works right now is that any cow right after they fatten they move to a side and if there are too many buildings it is clustered, It would be nice to have a rally point that way it could be built in narrowed spaces but yet still be viable due to rally points

Because to even try using it right now it requires too much space and this is something that we lack in some maps for 1v1.

The option for autoqueing them just like farms in AOE2
Auto queue for cow and sheep meaning that as soon as it detects 19/20 or any dead cows it would automatically create them as long as there is food.

These 2 changes would allow for them to be built in much closer spaces and be more user friendly and could potentially see some usage in 1v1s maybe even pro.

It can be used without those 2 things but requires too much attention to be viable

If this is even considered by the devs or ever worked on It would bring space this strat to work. I would actually make it work as I did before, I just dislike the how much space and attention it takes to actually make it work


I believe that cattle should be viable like any other economic strategy. This has been there since 2005 occupying a slot in the interface doing practically nothing.

Also this is rarely used even by casual gamers.

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upending the entire games balance to make them viable is IMO a terrible decision.

Don’t have to break the balance of the game for something to be viable, but that’s almost always the case when going in new directions.