Let me input 100+names that are randomly assigned to units

Would be fun to have all of your villagers/military have
names. It could just be somewhere in the unit I
information panel and shouldn’t be that hard to
implement. Just randomly assign units names you have
imputed so give the units a bit more character. I see
Aussie Drongo call his vills names sometimes like
“Jonathan” and thought it would be fun if they already
had names. I guess Relic could add names too from the time the civs existed but that seems like a lot of work for something so inconsequential such as this.


It would be really cool if it gave them realistic names based on the civ. That would increase the immersion, but bug fixes and stuff like that needs to come first I think.


I support all these little immersive features for sure. Good idea.

So it’d be like the Stronghold series’s choice to make every villager an individual. That would be immersive in some ways for some players, however, in AoE, it’d be a little less immersive due to the nature of gameplay.

In AoE, you don’t often spend a great deal of time idle to watch what Geoff Geison is up to on the wood line or what Jonathan Trumbore is doing on the farm while you’re playing; unless, maybe, they also allocated personalities, voices, and short speech lines for them as well that changed slightly to match the state of your economy or military.

What about

  • their favorite food?
  • Astrological sign?
  • Address they live at, and when you click on it, it shows you the house where they live so you can go destroy their house to spite them for throwing that last torch at your cannon?
  • kill count?
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Sounds like a fun mod idea.

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Absolutely, especially the last point.

Kill count should be included on every unit in the game, probably should have been that way at launch, but I’d be happy to see it added in an update down the line.

It’d be especially nice during the campaigns or for special custom map games to see how many kills your knights can tally up.

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Honestly it would be really fun to see those things. Kill count especially.

Yeah honestly having a stat in the post game screen that said how many kills each type of unit got would be really helpful as well.

The last time I saw stats like that was in a mod for the CnC ZH RTS game. It’s a nice addition for single-player only members and could probably, like most suggestions since launch, be added if we get modability at some point in the future.

Would be very fun just like the first starwars battlefront games.

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