Let me resign without a animation delay!

Nice and simple, when hit resign let the pop up be instant. At the moment I have to wait for the Yes/No option to beautifully fade in from the left and tilt me no end. Just let me resign!

Also what’s with the old style game lobby for Ranked and Lobby but new style for Unranked Empire Wars and Battle Royal. Just pick one


can’t stress it enough, this new animation menu is really annoying.

in a middle of a battle and wish to delete something quickly? can’t because the delete menu is animated and have to wait 1 second for it to show up and another 1 second for it to fade, in the MIDDLE of the game.

seriously, this is getting to the point of those useless software, UI does not match user experience.

@GMEvangelos please tell them to fix this, or give us option to disable it. the menu is beyond frustrating.