Let me wishlist "The Sultan's Ascend"

It says we can do it today, where is it?

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I think we will get:

  • Mamluk Sultanate
  • Japanese (I don’t know how it will be called)
  • Korea maybe
  • Byzantine

My guesses are -

  • Byzantines

  • Safavids

  • Ayubids/Mamluke

  • Italians

Campaigns -

  • Mehmed the conqueror

  • Saladin

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I think Delhi Sultanate campaign. Another Indian civilisation to feud with them. Byzantine Empire to feud with Ottomans.


In that case maybe Rajputs and the campaign will be about Muhammad Ghori fighting Prithviraj

He said we will see a lot of Middle-East.

So I believe we might see Mamluk Sultanate campaign vs Mongols and Crusaders

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new civ

new cam:
1.abbasid dynasty
2.delhi sultanate vs mongols
3.ottoman conquest byzantine
4.persian rise


Bybars campaign would be great

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Persian is the Abbasids bro.

Please let it be the byzantines!

abbasid is saracens in aoe2

but historically, and by its territory it is Persian.
You can check it bro

!!! The Sultans Ascend on Steam**



What civ you think is this? The design seems like something like japan or korea


Japanese Confirmed!
Is it Mamluks?

it is Japanese civilization

HRE got unit reskins.
Both knight, spearmen, and horsemen have that unique black armor which is much better and cooler!

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I agree, these are development images I think, maybe they will improve the textures.

Abbasids were arabs … they ruled some parts of persia

those troops using naginata… defo japanese