Let’s talk about (advanced) arsenals

Do people think they need tweaking? From my experience arsenal is basically the “rifling building”, and there is no card slot except treaties for the advanced arsenal card. The US arsenal card is probably the only viable one because it makes techs free.

Will you always build an arsenal in the first place?
Will it be too strong if the advanced arsenal techs do not require the card? (the advanced arsenal card can have a different effect like cheaper techs etc)
Will you research any of the advanced arsenal techs if they are unlocked by default? Is there resource for them in a standard 1v1 supremacy?


Ok, lets answer the questions first:
Will you always build an arsenal? Yes, i always try to get one down
Will it be too strong if the advanced arsenal techs do not require a card? Yes, and it would also make swede unique bonus moot
Will you research any of the advanced techs if they are unlocked by default? Bruh, i use advanced arsenal exactly for the advanced techs, if they were unlocked without card i would always went for one of those as first tech
Now on what i think it should be done to kinda make advanced arsenal more attractive:

  1. Make so that adnvaced arsenal send also a wagon that can build an arsenal
    There, fixed the card

A wagon is not enough. Should also grant one upgrade for free.

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I don’t always build them.

Yes it would be too strong.

Yes I would the speed tech.

It is useful in certain builds, with brit I like the strat of aging up with the arsenal and using the free tech for the grenadier upgrade.

free arsenal wagon with the card is more then enough


Whenever possible I use arsenal’s technologies, but I’m not much of a player, so I think delivering a wagon to build the arsenal would be fine.
What I think is interesting that some civ had a cheap arsenal team card, which would lower the cost of technologies by 10% or 15%

Wagon with the arsenal, considering every other advanced building card it’s an age1 shipment, at least give us a wagon for an age2 shipment.

The advanced arsenal should include the ‘grenade launcher’ technology. To balance, price this upgrade expensively.

I also think that the basic arsenal should have the ‘bayonet’ technology enabled for the Germans. While you don’t have musketeers by default, you can get them through mercenaries or natives.