Let’s talk about Civ representation from Asia

Let’s talk about Civ representation from Asia

From Asian perspective, Historical Asia is represented in games like this:
You have Russia in Civil War = China
or a civil war on British islands = Japan
Rome empire on horses = Mongolia
and at last but not the least Byzantium is represented as Ottoman Empire = India

Sure, there are more nations and empires, but somehow you don’t really see them.
Even in total war, where they make DLC out of anything.

let’s check the Regions.

North Asia (Siberia)
Central Asia (The 'stans)
Western Asia (The Middle East or Near East)
South Asia (Indian subcontinent)
East Asia (Far East)
Southeast Asia (East Indies and Indochina)

From East we like almost never get Korea, despite its the country where most people play E-Sports.

Southeast Asia (East Indies and Indochina) Had so many Empires And Nations.


Western Asia (The Middle East or Near East) and Central Asia had so many empires.



. North Asia, means in north of Mongolia, where you have today Russia. Who did live there? A question average person might not know.


Can you imagine there would be live distant cousins of American Natives the world did completely forget about, yes it does. Sure you’d hear about America Sioux or Cherokee, but what about tribes in east/north Russia? There are quite many by the way, maybe even more.
There are quite many by the way, maybe even more.


Far North

Further information: Indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East

Far North is the part of Russia which lies mainly beyond the Arctic Circle.

Central Siberia

Main article: Indigenous peoples of Siberia

Far East

Southern Siberia

Main article: Indigenous peoples of Siberia

Indigenous peoples of Russia is an odd topic, there are hundreds of tribes part of their Empire, but you know nothing about them: Did Russia handle its Natives so different than other Europe Nations?

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Wrong. AoE1 and 2 got Korea, and even Medieval Korea in AoE1 because they did nothing in the Bronze Age.
The biggest consumer and participator of Esports is China, not Korea.
The only RTS game that ever got really big in Asia, was Starcraft, nothing else ever stuck. Appealing to the Korean market has been a mistake for every other RTS game, and never paid off.



What is this map? Some kind of alt-history?


here is the source

Mongol Empire wasn’t one big unified eternal entity, it did break up and change into a lot of smaller nations and regions.


Appealing to E-Sports in general is a mistake for every other RTS game, that never did paid off.

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A Korean, and Japanese DLC would be a hot ticket item


Having Korea in the game is more logical than Japanese as they have many interaction with chinese dynasties (both positive and negative)

In the middle ages, Japan and China also had a lot of exchanges, mainly in culture and economy. Japan would send a lot of envoys to China. China was the learning object of Japan. Japanese ancient architecture came from the style of Tang Dynasty, and the exchange was very close. There were few wars between China and Japan, mainly the Ming Dynasty defeated Japan which invaded Korea on the Korean Peninsula. After Japan was defeated, it learned from China more frequently. In the middle ages, Korea was subordinated to China, and its culture and system were very close to China and were greatly influenced by China. Some wives of the Chinese emperor also came from Korea. China is the protector of Korea.

The Imjin War was way past the middle age and shouldnt be in AoE2 at the first place. The only other time Japan have interact with China was during a Korean civil war when they got massacred by the Tang troops.

But I know Japan is popular in pop culture and will get in eventually.

Yes, Korea asked for help from the Tang Dynasty. Then a naval battle broke out between the Tang Dynasty and Japan on the Korean Peninsula. Japan was defeated and 50000 or 60000 Japanese soldiers were killed. Therefore, Japan actively learned from the Tang Dynasty. Following the plan of Chang’an, the capital of Tang Dynasty, Nara was built. Japanese pop culture is really good. It has influence in East Asia and all over the world, but this is after the 20th century.

They were cruel to them but nothing in comparison to americas and espetially north America. No genocíde and no reservations. They just taxed them heavily but they let them live in their own way and on their previous territory .


So can you make those “North Asian/Siberian” Natives into a playable faction?

Of course you can but its highly unlikely. The game will not feature hundreds of civilisation and in no way they take over spot from South American civs let alone European ones.

China, Japan and Korea!

In my opinion they make a perfect work regarding the civ pick. For example, they didn’t pick German, instead they pick Holly Roman Empire. So, they really want to follow the historical reallity. Any existing civ in history that was near the period the game concern, is a possible pick in my opinion.

Wow I love and appreciate this post you made… This is one of those posts I bookmark and return to months later just because it was so interesting to read through.

I love the information and educational resources all here. Thank you.