Let us choose one map to play!

I’m a closed map player, i’m done with being forced to play open maps. It’s infuriating, i got home, I have time to play one match and the match selection chooses an open map. Let me play arena!!


Because your elo in ranked play should be based solely on your personal preferences.

If you want complete control over the map lobbies exist.


You have 3 bans, yeah I know maybe not enough some times. The other thing the map pool is a good thing and gives the game diversity, just play both what is the problem? In the end you are playing against ELO likes your ELO skills.

Many greetings

Then give us option for random civs only, nomad only spanish/persian etc. Steppe was mongol fiesta, arabia flanks 90%+ britons/mayans. Arena are turks and cumans fiesta. Playing same maps with same civs is boring.

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on one hand, I understand the need to have multiple maps and variations to test player ability. on the other hand I feel that players should technically set the standard as well, assuming it isn’t toxic.

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Elo purpose is to find even matches not to boost anyone’s ego, if a player can queue for one map its elo would be accurate on that map as they would be facing similar opponents.

That obsessions with elo from people with low elo is beyond unreasonable, the old game survived with arena players being close to arab players in elo, what really matters is their performance on tournaments and elo is being replaced slowly with tournament points, so basically for top levels elo is just a measure for activity rather than actual skills, as reference look at top 16 big names are there but not in the proper order, so factually the elo system with the current map diversity is not doing a better job than the old system.


Cannot agree more 20 char


But this doesn’t happen anyway.

I’ve reported this a number of times. If I want to play African clearing, I ban Arabia , arena and whatever is the next likely map to be played. I favourite AC

I match against someone who has favourited Arabia, but hasn’t banned AC. I get AC

I match against someone who hasn’t banned anything. But so long as they haven’t favourited something I haven’t banned. I get AC

For some reason I manage to match someone who has banned AC. Statistically speaking this is unlikely. I wait 5min. I resign. And repeat the process. All I play is AC

Compare this to an Arabia only or arena only players. It is impossible to get only Arabia or arena, because the game favours minority map pickers.

The elo system doesn’t work like you say it’s intended.


Interesting to hear this sentiment come from the a non-arabia corner too.

Do you have any solutions in mind, or are you just calling on the devs to develop something?
In the first case, thanks for your contribution! May the devs hear us :grin:
If you think they should ‘simply’ allow more bans; there have been a lot of threads already about why that’s not a good idea.

Sad that the lobby doesn’t work for this.

Also interesting to see @PlumpDucklin so openly admitting to abusing the favourites system. It’s a little sad, but they should probably fix it so that banning your opponents favourite map doesn’t guarantee getting your own.

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Actually, it kind of should.

There are maybe a few hundred players for whom it’s different, their elo gets them into tournament, helps them get stream views etc. But for most of us it’s a match making tool. In a hypothetical universe where I can and do play ranked (for the quick matchmaking against equal opponents) on Arabia/Arena/Islands/4v4 black forest only my elo should be based on just that map. Because it also only serves to find me matches on that map.

I know that’s not exactly the situation you had in mind, but something to think about.


It’s called an example.

I primarily play Arabia. I used this example to indicate how it’s done.

Wtf does this even mean? The game already favours them. If you don’t want to play Arabia, you never ever have to play Arabia. it’s called a map ban.

Ah yes. You mean like all those articles about how the earth is flat. Just because a number of people feel strongly about something that you agree on, does not mean any of you are right.

Then how do you know for sure it works?
I’ve considered this too, but because I’m not willing to experiment with it I’m not 100% certain it’d work.

You sure the matchmaking system favours people who prefer maps other than Arabia?
Suppose I want to play megarandom? How often do you think I can play MR? 5-10% of games maybe?
If you want to play Arabia, you can easily play Arabia 60-70% of the time. I know from experience, sometimes I’m in the mood for Arabia too.

Also, funny sad you’re reinforcing stereotypes about Arabia-mains.

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Just remove civ picking so you can freely play some maps. Spanish nomad 95%+, turks/cumans 99% arena, britons/mayans/ethiopans flanks 90%, franks/magyar pocket etc. Other factor is benchmark system, half the time on closed maps, you see people toggling yellow connectio even in feudal which means unplayable imperial.
Or give options for bans, simple. Current matchmaking favors 1tricking few civs only on different maps, where strategy might mean nothing, it becomes execution dif.

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I wanted to play one game today on my favorite map so I tried to get a game in the lobby system but ended up just frustrated after 20 min of trying and quit. Lobbies are nearly unplayable when aoe2.net is down because the DE lobby browser is terrible, even when compared to Voobly or HD lobby browsers. People just stop hosting lobbies and playing in them when aoe2.net is down because of the DE browser and lack of lobby specific player stats and rankings in DE.

The lobby is where we get told to go if we want to play a specific map but then we have to deal with the fact that it is worse than HD or Voobly and the devs don’t seem to want to invest in it.

There is NO true viable alternative at this time for people who just want to play on a specific map and it sucks. If aoe2.net ever goes permanently dark and DE is never improved for playing specific maps, it will honestly be the thing that finally kills the game for me after all these years.


In AOE community there are always two way to compromise which is

  1. Current method: Players cannot choose their own map (star or ban are not really choosing) but they can choose their civ
  2. Voobly method: Players can choose their map but they cannot choose their civ (most game are random civ)

I think the core problem is that the number of player base too low compare to 20 year ago which cannot allow player to choose their own map and choose their civ. Therefore the first thing need to do to solve the issue is to increase the player base. I think when there is enough DLC, FE can make the core game as a free-to-play with only AOK civ and there will be DLC with civ like AOC, AOE:FE, AOE:DE and so on. By this approach the player base will be increase and the problem solved.

Right now I don’t knowo the developer will touch the current matching system because it is too dangerous as a high risk move and do not have any reward from it.


Just do some silly ass strat in open map and blame it on it, who gives a shit really.

time to berbers villager rush