Let us pick maps and see oppenents civ

I am so tired of waiting 5 mins for a game only for that person to immediately resign when they see the civs or if they don’t like the map. The only way to get out of playing a map is either exit the game or resign as soon as it start. This is all because we are being forced to play maps we don’t want and then we don’t get to see what civ the other player picked. It used to be maps we wanted with random civs which made it fair when the other guy got a top tier civ or a counter civ to your civ. Now its all broken cuz of this map pool and hidden civs.

As a side note after seeing all the changes to the way we used to play I feel like the combined hours of game play that all the devs have still wouldn’t add up to your average aoe player who all have over 1000s of hours of play time.


I just l realised i’m under average and got 1k hours too lol
CSGO matchmaking standard >>>> other standards

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the average AOE player actually has 1000 elo(according to 2 different sources), thus significantly less than 1000s of hrs of play (just saying)

but otherwise agree, the drops are probably being contributed to by those factors in higher elo matches

whereas me and the plebs only get server drops(so many game crashes), “you didnt wall, so i drop” drops, “i lost a vil to a boar” drops and those kind of lamer drops :smiley:

And/or have a penalty for dropping from matches. Nice ELO score drops, multiplayer privileges temporarily revoked if patterns detected, weakening of units, resource gathering rates lessened, etc.

I see you say you’re in support of early-game drops, but I feel players should just have to play the random hand that’s dealt to them.

Let us get rid of the profanity filter first. Then I’m on board with picking maps. Not so much the civ seeing tho I don’t like that.

I’m tired of all the people quiting all the time when you get to that screen. Just play the map people!