Let us pick the server location for matchmaking

Of course matching us with the whole world reduces the search time but there are many downsides:

  • Even though I believe the game is not peer-to-peer, the server location is usually a compromise for all participants. E.g. if people are from Europe and Asia, the server is located somewhere inbetween which has a high ping as consequence for everybody!
  • People from Asia often don’t speak English. There is almost zero communication possible. Of course you can spam pings and hope he/she understands. But communication is difficult, even though it’s very important in teamgames!
  • There are regional differences in ELO. A 1200 ELO in Europe means something completely different than a 1200 ELO in Korea. Latter will probably stomp the former in no time.

Please just let us pick a server location for matchmaking like in every other RTS games. By default the closest location should be picked. If people still wish to play on a different server, they can do so.

This game may inspire some of us to learn a little broad mandarin to get by. That may be a plus, but I am not sure.

That’s an interesting point, but I’m not sure if it is entirely true. If everybody is facing everybody, then the 1200s from Europe are competing against their contemporaries in Korea. Unless I’m mistaken and they mostly play local opponents.

I also think this is the way it is intended and mostly working. Probably shifts to the case op describes when you play local off hourse while somewhere else is Primetime.

But I also support the server zones, as long as it doesnt include region lock. You will still feel the difference when playing against distant players, but as this is no shooter like lag comp, the player near the server will have a more consistent game state and less input lag.

you cant even blacklist maps and you think they will add this? your dreaming kid