Let us turn Gaia into hostile units like in BR in scenario editor

i’d be really cool if they could let us do that, could help a lot on scenarios


But you can have the same effect with a player set enemy to everybody.

yeah but thats not the point, some scenarios need 8 players and 1 AI, without having to sacrifice 1 player

if you place the unit as say, player 1, then trigger to change to gaia, i think they will remain gaia and will be hostile. Not entirely sure though

They remain as hostile but they don’t attack, they just stay static.

I got you friend.
It’s probably too late for you, but you’re the only relevent querry in the whole googlesphere to this problem, and I got a genious workarround for you guys lurking. You can’t use Gaïa, sorry. What you can do is use hero or civ exclusive units, change their line of sight to 0 for that player that is on the other side of the map, prevent them from allying together (at least until after you need them to be enemy), and voila. You have hostile units, that won’t act on themselves beyond basic unit IA, and that won’t be controlled by players until they have line of sight on them somehow. So yeah it’s a new problem that needs a solution tailoired to your scenario, but at least it’s managable.

PS : Ofc that other player will get random attack alerts, panic, and don’t understand what’s going on. Did I say it was perfect ? I said it was genious. Maybe I meant in the evil way.