_LeThaL_ Is back!

Hey guys it has been a whole decade! 10 years! Arise Lazarus! Since we played AOE 2 actively. Long story short we are back and now we are gaming once again. Good ol days playing with Zero empires and The Viper.

Check out the link down below for my AOE 2 vids.


Do i need to know you somehow?


What do you mean by this question?

The name Lethal is unknown to me. But you was a well known member 10 years ago?

10 years and more. I used to play everything back in the day from random map to DM… Don’t forget Custom scenario :smiley: Star TD was one of my favorite maps.

I think at aoezone more people will remember you.

True, Aoezone, Gameranger, Voobly… I did all that my friend.

Most people here are mostly never to the game. The old active voobly community is still active at aoezone, but not here. So they might regonize you there more quickly.

True, doesn’t hurt though. The new folks now know :smiley:

Thanks for coming back. Hope you enjoy the game scape and have a good time. If your lucky you could even play against me lol( you would actually have to be very unlucky) looking forward to the content.

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Thank you. I appreciate your comment very much! Im looking forward to making more content for you and my other viewers! In the meantime,
Stay Lethal!

Nice nice. Always nice to see people rediscover the game. Hope you are having a good time :slight_smile:

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Welcome back ! It’s nice to see legends are back to the game. Do you feel like Age II was improved over all those 10 years with all new features and civs or You prefer The Conquerors playstyle ?

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come to icey lethal

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Oh yeah bro! I’m loving it :smiley:

Conquerors for sure. There are improvements to the game some of which I really like. For example team bonuses. There are new ones and these pretty are freakin awesome. However, there are a few things I don’t like, for example: as for the way troops fight; I think it is worse than the old aoe. I have noticed that they target their own unit instead of following your command…which can really screw things up like picking off villagers, so on and so forth.

(Another good update) Hotkeys are super easy to learn… I do miss the old ones though xD

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Hey I’ll def check it out!