Let's discuss native american warrior

Clickbait title, this is NOT about native TP units.

But it is instead about this unit

Aside from the obvious cheeses that you can perform with a 0 pop unit, how do you feel about them?

They have an obvious disadvantage that you need to spawn them in advance - the town defense dance spawns them one by one.

So, do you find them useful for actual defense work?
If not, what do you think needs to change?

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Awhile ago I put forward some ideas to make them more suited to defending instead of cheese.

Basically the following:

  • Make them spawn from the TC (even if generated by the Plaza)
    • Prevents forward Plaza cheese (makes rebalancing more possible)
    • Potentially let’s you conceal the Plaza and still defend
  • Make units killed while dancing become Warriors
  • The name also is pretty lame and calling them something else like “Braves” would be much cooler

Maybe a button that makes them appear in the TC immediately like the Militiaman… or if they attack you, the dance makes them appear immediately…

I was thinking of something similar. Or the dance would pop 6 of them at a time. It is simply not that effective at holding rush to keep your vils on the plaza…i’m better off melee-ing things with the vils than doing the dance to spawn the warriors.

Number of dancers should increase their capabilities while traintime keeps the same. Punishement enough is to have them on the plaza

Also, they seem to be too slow to counter cav raids

“Braves” is a name attributed as a universal idea across Native American cultures to describe the men in the same manner that image was used to describe the women.

The fact that the forum’s censor catches that word should be a good note to you of the connotation behind these words.

Please stop pushing for it. It is not useful for any instance in this game.

It is not at all the same thing. Brave is not pejorative like the term for women and you’re being disingenuous by trying to equate them. It is true to the plain meaning of the word and reflects the courage of native warriors. It’s problematic because it perpetuates the stereotype that Indians are one monolithic culture and plays on the romanticized “noble savage” trope. However, for a unit that is completely generic and accessible to all natives, that overgeneralizing actually makes it fit perfectly.

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Yes, I agree… something like that…