Lets get rid of TeamGame's elo to see what happens?

Teamgame elo has ever since not the best parameters, it does plays it role, but it’s definitely not the best thing out there.
Plus, the recent update really messed things really bad.
Since the current situation of TeamGame elo, I think that it would be a great experiment to get rid of it all together. Lets make it one elo to rule them all.

If it doesn’t work, just put TG’s elo back in, no worries.


  • One elo to rule them all.
  • Maybe not, too radical change.

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It will be terrible for 1v1s

So what are you proposing? Are you proposing that your elo is based only on 1v1 performance (so people who only play teamgames and people who always play together with their own partners get matched up against super easy opponents) or are you suggesting that your elo is determined both by the 1v1’s and teamgames you play (importing all of the rating problems into 1v1)?

Or, option 3, are you proposing to just match people up randomly in team games? Or maybe, option 4, you’re suggesting to ditch ranked team games all together?

Not the clearest opening post I have ever read, to be honest.


people will just tank their 1v1 rating to get easy matches in TG

and they don’t even have to do anything to maintain that because they can just not play 1v1 on that account

aoe is full of malicious actors. everything needs to be designed around them. the clowns who run this game never understand that

this one!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: