Let's give the Sipahi, the ability to switch between melee and ranged mode

Since there will be units in the new expansion, the Sultans Ascend that will have the ability to switch between melee and ranged mode, it would definitely be a good idea to also let the Sipahi to able to do it so it is able to not only fight with melee weapons but also with the bow and arrow because it’s really needed for the Sipahi to be able to act as a Horse Archer.


It would seriously alter the balance and take away some of the uniqueness of the Ayyubids.

The Desert Raider won’t be the best melee nor ranged mounted unit around, this balances the versatility. To get the same ability the Sipahi would have to lose its Fortitude and melee effectiveness or become sensibly more expensive.

It’s fine if the Sipahi was to be given the ability to switch between melee and ranged ability and it doesn’t have to be exclusive to one unique unit.


It is really ridiculous that the Ottomans could not produce Sipahi with ranged attack. This has nothing to do with balance. Devs do not give the Ottomans the technologies that will win the game, and they have no concern about reflecting the Turks in the best way. Landmark selections and the way they transfer the landmarks they have chosen to the game in accordance with the original are quite bad compared to other civilisations. Vizier points make the player completely dependent on military schools, there is no tactics here, just plenty of manpower. Take a look at Byzantine and Japanese civs. These civs were created in a very good way to reflect their culture. The Ottomans have some of the features given to the Ayyubids as Vizier points and as a military school. The uniqueness of the Ottomans disappears with the new dlc. All other civs have been reorganised, new units have been given. The Ottoman has not received any rework since its release.

I know your take on the issue… The Sipahi is balanced for what it is, a melee cavalry unit extraordinarily strong at defeating enemy ranged units, thanks to the Fortitude ability.

If they were given the options to switch to a bow attack, then they would need rebalancing.

I would leave the Sipahi as it is and just give the Ottomans a Horse Archer. Maybe down the line it may happen.


Sipahi originally was horse archer even in the chinese version of the game its called turkish horse archer later they made it melee unit maybe it was too powerful to make raids who knows.But i think they will get horse archer with a variant civ :smiley:

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I believe there is a Functional mod in the mods section that gives the Ottomans a horse archer sipahi. I tried it and it’s pretty good.

The love that Ottoman players have for their civ is considerable.

In fact, the sipahi in the 2022 teaser trailer appeared as an archer on horseback. I guess they changed it by last minute decision.

In the future and considering that the devs have already added new unique units in each season, I do not doubt that in the future they will consider giving the horse archer to the Ottomans. Although I would suggest that it be under the name Akinci, so that it is a unique unit.

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That’s a possibility but that doesn’t have to be case because the Horse Archer will need to become a regional unit at one point.

The Sipahi are already an extremely strong unit (and frankly a major reason the Ottomans are good). I like the idea of Ottoman horse archer unit, but you would probably have to heavily redesign Sipahi and/or nerf if it was to get a ranged attack.

Now if the Sipahi isn’t going to be given the ability to swtich between melee and ranged mode, then we can give the Ottomans, access to the Horse Archer instead. However, I do also believe that some nerfs will need to be made if the Sipahi were to be given the ability switch between melee and ranged mode.

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+1 the Ottomans should have a unit of horse archers, greetings.


This feature hard lack to ottoman and could be a nice addition if they put a cooldown on it.

Agree, any Turkish civilization should feature powerful cavalry archers. There’s no discussion.

But a separate cav archer “Akinji” unit would be better than giving Sipahi another mixed up ability. It already has Fortitude in AoE4: a very limited use ability but a tactical personality nonetheless.

Did you meant Sipahi?

Lol fixed

We could indeed give the Ottomans, their own horse archer called the “Akinji” though nonetheless, the Horse Archer unit will one day become a shared unit used by civs that historically deployed archers on horseback.

Cavalry archers are actually a very common presence in the East, and can even be said to be the most basic quality of a qualified cavalry. However, in East Asia, cavalry rarely uses shields, and they are more willing to operate long handled weapons with both hands and switch bows and arrows at any time.

I don’t know. Not that many civs need horse archer. Plus Mongol, Japanese, and Rus (lol) already have their unique unit horse archers.

So an age-2 “Akinji” horse archer unit for the Ottomans would be perfect and very very very deserved (way more necessary than Rus and Japanese).

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I don’t mean almost every civ should use the Horse Archer like how it is in AoE2. What I’m calling for is for the Horse Archer to become a regional unit that would be used by civs that historically deployed archers on horseback. I also call for the same to happen to the War Elephant because it has to be given to other civs that historically deployed military elephants.