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What do you think the unique unit of the Holy Roman Empire and the Russian will be?

The Russian nationality will definitely have a rider on horseback with a long spear or saber.
The nationality of the Holy Roman Empire will have either a knight’s infantry unit with strong armor and a long sword but will be slow again.
Or a knight on horseback in strong armor with a spear and a long sword.

What do you think of the unique units of these last two nations?


I suspect the Rus will have slight traits from the Vikings. Ax-related fighters, and especially units that are agile and can strike hard. Maybe even a hybrid unit like an archer which is also useful in close combat.

At HRR, I agree with what you suspect, but also buildings that will have a strong defensive power.


Well, it seems to me that the Germans will bet on heavy melee infantry, for a unique unit, it seems to me this is a warrior with a Zweikhander, this is most likely.
In Russia, it seems to me that the Varangians would be good for a unique unit, I think it would be a good naval faction, so there may be a unique ship, for example, a Varangian drakkar or Novgorod boats.

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Yes RUS will have rather fast units.
But they certainly won’t have a unit with an ax.

I expect DCL then. union of all the Nordic countries and make it a nation. And there I would expect a unique unit with an ax.

I would like to see Swiss Pikeman & Landsknecht as unique units for HRE.


Otherwise, such a small nipple.
When we talked about those weapons and unique units, I expect this.

DCL: The Nordic nations (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland) will be one of the Nordic Vikings and will have an ax. And the Nordic culture and buildings will also be interesting. The ships are unique

Another nation that will be added are the Aztecs or Mayans: Rapid raiding units with spears, bows, axes and more. The culture of worship of the gods will be very interesting. I expect a strong magician, a shaman, from the sacrificial temple here. And according to the Indians, the buildings will also be beautiful, I’m really looking forward to it.

The next nation will be the Spanis. There will be another campaign to conquer America, and the Spaniards and Aztecs will clash here. Here the Spaniards will have good units both on foot and on horseback. And there will be gunpowder. Maybe a Sagittarius on horseback with a rifle. Strong ships.

And the last nation that will come and must not be missing here will be Japan.
Beautiful buildings and culture.
And samurai, ninja units. Interesting ships and more.

I am 100% convinced that we will see these 4 nations in the game!

When we talking about new civs, i am sure that Byzantin will come.
And after it Japan and Norse nations. (Lords of Sea DLC for Byz and Norse?)
Thats enough if they want hold diversity of civs.
I dont need more.
If they want add Meso civ, they must added Spanish too. So second DLC.

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As you say diversity is the basis: both in units, culture, buildings.

I want in other DCLs: the Vikings, the Aztecs, Japan, Spain, and some nation from Africa to be nations from almost all continents.
But the Byzantine nation wouldn’t be bad either.