Let's improve "Nomads" tech for Mongols

Here is small suggestion. Mongols’ Castle tech allows to keep population limit from houses but not from castles or TC.

My idea is make TC and castles limit also affected by this tech. This will simplify for mongol to reach pop limit.

Also buff will help to avoid the following case i recently saw: Mongol player built 4 castles researched Nomad tech and tried to play Mangudais. He fails and lost 3 castles and his pop limit dropped to 150 because he didnt have enough (40) houses and he has to build them. So Nomads were useless for him.

So what do you think?


Dosent this make the UT same as hun no houses bonus?

It would be cool if Nomads also turns all houses into yurts :wink:.

No, because you have to build all the houses and TCs first.


Technically you only need one tc to age up and one castle to research ut so its the same effect but with multiple steps.

Nomads doesn’t give you more population room. It just makes Houses retain their population room after being destroyed. You still have to build houses, TCs etc. to get more population room.

IMO the tech should just give them the Hun bonus, i.e. just give them max pop immediately after being researched. It may be argued that it would be too similar, but imo, in practice it would still be very different. First, there would be no decrease on the starting wood, so the mongol start would still be conventional, atleast on that regard. Also, the mongol player will still be able to use houses as walls in the early game, something that a hun player cant.
Now, i know that would be a buff and mongols dont really deserve a buff, so dunno. I guess increase the cost of the tech then?


They already almost the same but mongols harder to get them.
You need castle age, castle and resources spent. And you cant even be sure that pop will not drop during game as exchange.

We can suggest another bouces like smb above did i suggest not to discuss this in current thread.

I would replace for something else entirely. I would do something like: Steppe Lancers and Scout line +1 attack costing 300 food 300 gold or something like that.

The main problem with the technology is that you only need it if you are already losing, and you need to lose an awful lot for it to become worthwhile.

The simplest solution would just be to give it something like plus 25 population capacity when you research it, and have it research almost instantly. That way, it could be an emergency fix if you get housed, plus it would have the long-term benefits.

Yes. I cannot agree with you more. Given the fact that Huns is the ancestor of Mongol, just give them the same bonus make perfect sense


Replace it with Toumen: 400f 400g and makes Steppe Lancers attack 20% faster.
Mongols really never use Elite Steppe Lancers in Imperial due to the lack of Plate Barding Armor and the extra HP doesn’t help, with faster attack speed at least gives Mongols enough motivation to use them in Imperial, still weaker to ranged attacks and you need a castle to research it, Mongols mid-games isn’t really that strong to see it as overpowered.

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The problem is, Mongols are already a top-tier civ. They have over 50% win rates across all ELO ranges, and all maps. This is a pretty good buff that simply isn’t warranted, imo.

Mongols do need a change for their castle age UT, but it should be more about flavour than power.


Yeah I agree they need a different unique tech but nothing to do with military power or they will become OP. Maybe an extra castle HP buff which is like double Hoardings and +1 range on castles arrow fire.

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Nomads is a bad tech on purpose. The devs needed to give the Mongols a second unique tech, but they didn’t want one that would make them too strong. Hence, we got Nomads.

Besides, it actually can be useful on maps where you need to clear up space.


Let the packed TC wagon can be trained at Castles after researching.


New effect: 75% of buildings’s wood cost is returned only when is deleted by player.


That’s exactly why making it give you an instant +10-25 pop cap is the perfect solution. It’s convenient enough to be used, but not OP enough to change them significantly.

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Give them a mongolian scimitar tech that somehow improves their milita line. More useful and doesn’t affect their general winrate because it doesn’t change anything about the civ strengths and weaknesses.
Or give them an ortoo road system tech that increases the movement speed of their infantry.
Or even better: give them a yam postal system tech that somehow improves their trade carts and cogs so it has no effect on 1vs1.

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I was about to say the same. I wanted TC could be packed.

Packing time 30 seconds
HP 600
Armor 0/0
Speed 0.8
Unpacking time 75 seconds

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Well If you want to have “true nomad” I would suggest something like this. Manually destroying buildings will return 100% resource back (it could be lower if it’s too good). The amount of resource returned also based on how much HP that buildings have left. For example, a building with 100w cost will return 100w back at 100%hp but at 50%hp it will only return 50w back (this is to prevent players from abusing deleting damaged buildings and getting everything back). The tech will be handy if a player want to redeploy TC or castle somewhere else more strategic.