Let's Nerf Japan ASAP

Title says it all.

5 ranked games in a row against Japan. And I dominate as Japan as well. ( this has been going on since they dropped, with more and more players catching on to how easy it is to win with them).
Especially in 1v1.

Hopefully it happens soon.


49.6% 1v1 RM winrate. Before nerfing them maybe they need to fix their Onna Musha since their buff is bugged and nerf the actual OP civs.

Right now Jeanne, Ayuubids, Ottomans and Zhu Xi have more than 52% winrate.

Specially Jeanne, Ayuubids and Ottomans seem to be very strong. I would firstly nerf those civs and review the most underperforming civs specially chineese and byzantines.

Japan is OK. They’re best on hybrid/water map, and strong castle age timing attack, but not that good in Feudal because of yumi being weak, and imperial Ozutsu nerf. Winrate also is pretty average.

Ayyubids are more in need of nerds than the Japanese because the Ayyubids are OP right now.

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