Lets speculate about AOE 4

So AOE4 has been anounced this has got me excited so I thaughed let’s speculate aboutthe time frame features armes and unit’s that we want to expect to see i think the time frame will be from the industrial revlaution up to world war 1 this make sence looking at how the series progresed so far.

if this is the case then i would lik to see the folowin unit’s Line infantry curchill Tanks, (Uk only) , ships of the line trence warfare.

i would like to see a few more tacticks so for exampel Line infantry could have the abilaty to lay down suppresing fire so some unit’s have specal abilatys

in adation i would like buildings that can give othe buildings specal buffes like a universty gives youfaster unit or buliding production a bank could increas your money per population giving you an increased capital .

just a few things that i would like to see if we are going for the time frame i think we are.

Well, it’s pretty hard to say in what time era it’s going to be…

  • look at the name: Age of Empires Everything around WW1 has nothing to do with empires…
  • The lady at Gamescom said very specific ‘‘Future’’, This might say it’s about the future tech 'n stuff or that it would take an Age before they release AoE4.
  • Watch the trailer closely and listen carefully ‘‘Battled through history, now a new age is upon us’’. This also implements that it is about the next age. AoE1: Iron age - AoE2: Middle Age - AoE3: Renaissance - AoE Industrial age/revolution stuff

– It’s also a possibility that they are following another line like: antiquity->Middle ages->Early modern age->Modern age, that would say it’s more about the present… –

My own guess is that they would move to the next age, but I’m not entirely sure what the next age exactly is. I would say Industrial.

But then again, not sure…

It’s also a possibility that they would do all the 3 Age of empires games and ages into one game…
So for example you start with the first age of AoE1 and last age is the last age of AoE3 but there are much more possibilities with this…

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