Lets talk about diplomacy

As all we know its coming to the game, buuut there will be alwaus the risk of an ally becoming an enemy in the middle of your base, and unlike in AoE2, gates cant be blocked. Neither outpost sare enough strong to stop an army.

So, what do you think?? Maybe a high proce to broke the alliance to compensate??

It’s just like classic AOE really, if you played original AOE random map skirmish whatever. some players start as Neutral to you…you can your diplomacy status. Neutral means you can attack each other with a right click but there’s no auto-attack which means there was room to negotiate.

If they were computer players bribe them with tribute as soon as you get a market and they ally with you.

Also Starcraft was quite similar before patch 1.08 which introduced Top Vs Bottom games. Teams weren’t pre-arranged, Warcraft 2 same deal until Battle.net edition there was no pre-arranged teams. You couldn’t ally with computer players in Warcraft and Starcraft but all this ‘diplomacy’ game mode is non pre-arranged teams.

Many early RTS games were like that because when the game starts sometimes players dropped out in the beginning.

I am afraid, imagine that you are about to win and when you have won you tell your allies “guys we won” and then ask “guys?” and they tell you “our alliance has come to an end” (they proceeded to change their diplomacy to enemy and razed your base without the possibility of defending you)…

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There must be some kind of penalty or lock that doesn’t allow situations like this not to happen, or at least a time to cease fire so you can fix your defense, otherwise think your “ally” puts his entire army inside your city and then change diplomacy, it would be catastrophic.


You’ll just need to be aware I guess, perhaps make it so allies can’t pass through your gates or something.

On diplomacy balance, i think gate locking could easily be added, also don’t discount forts here, now on diplomacy itself, i wanted to see this in aoe3 for many years, very excited to finally have it available, i did try it in PUP, works exactly like aoe 1 and 2, as it should. Now i’m suggesting something off topic, can we get attack ground command, yk to cut trees on maps like congo basin? with cannons

For me one aspect that would make diplomacy games more interesting would be positions/ranks.

Right now is an all in to win for the first rank. But playing smart and make it to the end could reward you with a symbolic 2/3… rank.

there should just be a setting in the lobby for diplo or not, i think like in aoe 2

Otherwise, its the risk of the game and you have to play to it

Does anyone know if diplomacy comes at a price? Like does trying to ally with a stronger player come at a penalty?

Also if I set someone to ally, can they still have me as an enemy?

Also, will this option be available to everyone? Even those who don’t have KotM? (I already bought KotM, just asking for a friend).

Everyone can play it I think, also there’s no penalty but a strong player is unlikely to ally with the weakest.

it is accessible via a setting as you wish, info from PUP

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Execute Order Sixty-Six.

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Of course, at least a door lock button (how have aoe 2), or that is automatically blocked when the diplomacy is changed… otherwise it would be gg automatically…

Yes, it was expected…

I will 100% be typing that in diplomacy and betraying my ally lol.

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