Let's talk about Japan's new card Nanban Trade

This card is an age 3 card. Everyone knows that the value of the age 3 card should be equal to 1000 resources, but please see what this card brings us?

Only only 500export and sent tiwice only (this is Japan capability) If you want to know the 500export value, please let’s see another card, DIPLOMATIC INTRIGUE

This is an age2 card worth 700 resources, it will send 300 export, also relations are now very cheap. 300export=700 resources,so 100 export >233 resources.
Let’s go back to the Nanman trade card. According to the above calculation formula, we get 233 resources(100 export value) * 5= 1165 resources. If we only look at this card, it does have 1000 resource value, but the Nanman trade card still consumes 300w and 300G then only get 1165- 300-300= 565 resource value. There is absolutely no value in using this card.
My suggestion is to cancel the cost of 300w 300g is 500export sent tiwice. Or 700export cost 300w 300g.


It’s a terrible value card.


300 tea is weak if you don’t use the 75% off at all,so this card is equal 375 tea in fact.
Now, we know Nanban Trade is useless,may be it is 800 tea in the test.I think 800 tea is good enough,or no cost for this card.

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It can also be compared to intervention and native crafts.

Intervention gives 800-900 resources worth of units. 500 export can buy maybe 750-850 resources worth of units. With intervention you get the units instantly and can send them to your Daimyo but with Nanban Trade you have to train them and they pop out of the consulate.

Native Crafts gives 600 export if you build 2 native tps worth 400 resources. It gives more export for less cost and you get 2 tps that have useful techs/trickle xp or has a big button.

I think your suggestions of 500 export for free or 700 export for 300w 300g makes sense to bring it up to the similar value of these two cards.

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