Lets talk about Map Gen

i finished survey
but i didnt talk too much in survey
so here my opinion

i am non english speaker
so if something not clear , you can ask me i will explain it

now aoe4 wall is so weird
u can link to wood/tree
but you cant link to buildings
i understand between buildings and buildings should have gap right there
but why between wall and building have a gap ?

i talk about this because
early game , wall is expensive and hard to build ,
because u have no map control
you cant send random vill go outside and build wall
so this is hard for walling
thats why early wall is so weak

why late game so good ?
map too small , gold too much
too many resources on the map , everywhere , so easy just wall and keep them save

okay right now about map gen, and why bigger maybe better
aoe4 TC start almost beside map edge
thats mean ,
if map is big , you and opponent will so far away
and if small , both are so close
thats why some people dont like big map
this make everyone boom only
chinese hre maybe english will become so op in big map

i can talk you ,the spawning TC is the main
you can still make TC spawn lot closer and keep map big , why not both ?

why big map better

siege become op because they can make 1 push so powerful ,
easy group together and make something happen
and map small , make it easy to attack and get map control

but now they nerf too much
they so bad against archers too

thats because bad map design, and is so small, too close between both players ,
and the path is just so limit , you dont have choice to ignore sieges , base trade or something else , no way move around find good angle to attack ,
thats why siege op

dose anyone play Starcraft 2 before?
so , Starcraft2 also have big map and still available Rush and boom ,
how to keep both strategy available in same map? why?
because second base arena is also inside and behind main base,
so they can keep map big , but not change you and opponent distance
thats why also can rush

or put some stone and destroyable
so people can boom and go to late game
but you still have to defend your front if stone get destroy

this is really good to balance 8civs or more
you dont need to care i am using boom civ or not

so, lets finalize everything
less gold , big map
let player go out to get resource , not just stone wall everything and spam unit
more way to attack ,
better early wall , can link to buildings just like tree
nerf some wall hp
give a wall upgrade in age3

dont (or not always )spawn tc on map edge
add some destosyable things like roadblock to limit rush
people can move around with more space