Let's talk about music

I’m a music lover, especially music from the period this game covers, from Renaissance to Romanticism, passing through Baroque (my favourite) and Classicism.
Firstly, it is my duty to praise the soundtrack that this game has had since its launch, it is excellent.
But with the Definitive Edition, with the exception of the musical themes of civilizations and royal houses, we didn’t have the addition of new songs to listen to while playing, and I would like some more to be added, and of course if they followed the epic theme just like the one music from the trailer announcing AOE III DE…


Do strictly cosmetic mods cause conflicts in multiplayer games? Because I would like to play the song "te quiero ##### by Rammstein for the Mexican revolution. It would be pretty epic.


I would like to see Civ styled renditions of the vanilla songs especially since a lot of civs have themes that are completely different in style to the vanilla soundtrack that its actually jarring at times.

In fact songs, like for example the US theme, don’t seem to fit in with the songs we inherited from vanilla. It would be interesting if the theme songs at the end added a kind of harmonization with the first song of the regular playlist of the matches.

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Custom music would be a great addition to the game

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It’s not necessarily a high priority, but a few musical tracks with non-European themes would be welcome additions to the soundtrack. I don’t want to hear only European classical music when playing the Hausa or Aztec, for example.


I would propose a setting that puts basic music that is the one you hear now, mixed music that puts both the current one and other additions and civic music or music for civilizations that you will only hear music suitable for the civilization you are playing. All in a ladder panel with 3 choices

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One thing that disappointed me compared to earlier AoE games is that the expansions didn’t introduce a new soundtrack. AoE1 and 2 both got a whole new set of tracks that played during gameplay in their respective expansions. AoE3 only got a track here and there for certain instances, such as the Main Menu, Revolutions, and Trade Monopoly.

I suspect this explains part of the dissonance some players feel when comparing the civ-specific starting tracks with the ordinary soundtrack. The first is culture-specific, while the second onwards is eurocentric.

Jumping on this thread as opposed to creating a new thread for the same reason…


Who wants more? I do - I’d love to more rousing Euro-classical piano style pieces for ambient and battle soundtracks. Some more epic, long and dramatic musical pieces would be so welcome!


The royal house themes are based on music by composers from the period the game depicts, I would like more music following in this vein to be implemented.
If the battle music were also based on military marches it would be great.


If Imperial Age played music inspired by the most important military songs of each civilization, I would be delighted.

BTW. It would be nice if someone made a mod that added songs from the AoE 3 time frame like: “Rule, Britannia!”, “Gott erhalte, Gott beschütze”, “Preußens Gloria” and “Du Gamla, Du Fria”.


I’ll add Revolutions to that

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