Let's talk about royal guard pikemen upgrade and imperial pikemen upgrade

In the latest patch [13.27885] for British they removed the option for their pikemens to be upgraded to IV and to V.

They do not give much explanation as to why was this done but I’m very confident those pikemen upgrades were not Overpowered in any way nor was brits the highest win % civ because of these.

I’m well aware that in the first game brits pikemen didn’t have royal and imperial upgrade, but in the same way NO europe civ except for spain were able to get them to Imperial. Spain was the only civ that could get pikemen to imperial.

To this I would add that the first game was left to its luck and we didn’t receive much updates.

I’m writing this because I think it is unfair that now most civs can get pikemen to Imperial and for brits they took this option away. Unless they prove us. That exact upgrade was giving British very high win rate I think it is unfair that they take it away.

Now we can talk that I have a bias point, however if we take it to a very analytical and statistical point of view I’m 99% sure those upgrades did not make brits super strong. Instead it gave more versatility as you could run different army comps at Industrial - Early imperial for Supremacy games

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They also took away Guard/Imperial from default Italian, but Italy was strange as it also had Halberdiers so it seemed superfluous.

I always though Brits got it in DE since they didn’t have halberdiers and since they were protestant no papal guard.

Yea it’s strange, that’s all I can say. It’s not like British got any upgrade cards for Pikemen though.

In fact even if they didn’t lose the Guard/imperial upgrade I’d say they were the worst Pikemen type units in the game…

PS: my personal theory is that they want to encourage more ranger use since they work better with musketeers and Longbow works better with pikes.

Brit pike was trash, never any reason to use it past commerce age and only in commerce to make macro easy and go longbow pike. I’d rather have musk or dragoons with longbow. The pikes had no upgrade cards, probably the worst pike in the game as quirriff said.

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Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if in the next big patch and they just remove the pikeman and make the Redcoat musketeer an actual unique unit.


idk with the changes to thin red line you basically just have the most powerful generic musket in the game

they also get a shipment of drummers so it negates thin red line and its just a line of high hp high attack muskets that moves forward

very redcoats


ooooookay? Not what I was talking about.

I am just saying that feels unique enough to me

Euro units are somewhat the generic base

lol. They could easily just change the cards. Hell they could add a card that makes it so redcoats spawn from manors instead of settlers.

thats just bad and just negates the british boom

we tried that with longbows already

vils are just too good

or you talking about the age 4 card?

idk i feel like the brits already has a thing of being like ultra boomers that consumes resources fast and just roll over their enemies with a simple and grim mass

I would rather you just give them more ways to boom( which is what the Greenwich card kinda was) rather then trying to give them some unit timing thing, thats for other civs

Don’t matter wasn’t what I was talking about. I just said I wouldn’t be surprised if they removed pikeman and just made redcoats as a fusion unit instead. Also settler boom loss could be compensated by an increase in settler creation speed replacing medicine card.

I see, I was commenting that the redcoat is probably already unique enough with the changes to thin red line, which I think is what they will be going for.

it will have to do a lot more to replace being able to get to 40 vils in 6 mins

You get 40 of the strongest musketeers in game in six minutes. Could be for some rush deck.

more like 18 since you have to build 2 manors to start and there are only 20 manors max. Unless you give them 2 for every manor which will just be busted

20 normal muskets in 6 mins is considered a strong rush - 40 is game over

this would also imply that you have to give them muskets with base stats different then normal muskets, which they will probably never do since that will stack with all of their upgrades