Let's talk about the Haudenosaunee rework

also the changes are critical for hauds, because the civ is one of the best in 1v1 ( for me ) but one of the worst in teams so giving them an eco boost is dangerous for 1v1, also mantlet age 2 you have already the 6 huron card :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah rams are just useless right now

yeah before with the card it was 250c and then in team you sended that but not anymore :frowning:

dangerous, too strong for me if hauds get cav combat

toma are already good not need to buff them, if you buff toma the age 2 hauds ( strong already ) can be deathball


Pero les haría mejores contra caballería que aguanta daño a distancia, recuerda que los tomahaks del age 3 original tenían daño cuerpo a cuerpo a distancia.

the original tomas had 8 range not 12/14 and a very small build limit. The little bit of extra dmg vs cav isn’t worth all the other problems it would cause.

@KEVINITALIEN670 idk tomas feel pretty bad age 2, but i think its just the trashy animation. you are right that the stats can’t get buffed, the 3 card monsters age 2 would be too much. Cav combat is iffy, i know it would be a really good card but currently even tr40 players don’t use the cav cards because there’s just too many upgrades. Its a tricky one to fix.


Dalo por hecho…tampoco es que se vayan a comer mucho la cabeza xd…


Na, it would be the same as the Swedish leather cannon…

No,those are the lakotas, the hauds are more to play turtle…

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I would say that Haudenosaune are designed around versability (Looking at you, Town Destroyer card).

Tomas are actually very good units. Their only downside is the wood cost. People underestimate them.

ter armadilha de aço 20% na idade 2, e ser possível treinar canhão leve na idade 3. e ganhar um cervo a cada carta obtida na homecity!. seria interessante na minha opnião

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they’re pretty good if they can stand and fire or in melee, or when really carded up. the 19 base ranged dmg combined with the awkward animation means they do underperform in musk vs musk battles

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I have been thinking on the light cannon

How about it being available in age 3, but like say without the anti-artierlly bonus and also only having like 28 range like the flaming arrow and upon age 4 gets its age 4 stats


Some of their siege workshop units could use an update.

Mantlets should have the deflection ability.

Rams shouldn’t be complete trash. A few things could be changed to achieve this.

  1. Give them more resistance. They can’t do anything unless they get up close so bumping up their resistance from 50% to ~65% could actually let them get close enough to do damage.

  2. Let them attack artillery and ships as well as buildings. The situations where this could happen are rare, but it would be nice for them to not be completely useless outside of demolishing buildings.

  3. Give them an “infiltration” tech to become stealthy. This could actually allow them to get close enough to do damage. It would also pair well with them being able to attack artillery and move along with other stealthy units like Forest Prowlers.

The other natives should also get Rams to fill in the gaps in their sieging ability without needing to use infantry units like Macemen or Club Warriors. If they were viable enough, they might even be able to replace Captured Mortars.


they already can attack ships, and do it incredibly well.

i think norse from aom is a good example of rams being moderately viable. they did it really well. to clarify for anyone unfamiliar, they have 99% armour vs ranged attacks and huge crush (siege) damage

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I believe with the rework, their 3,4, and 5 villager shipments will be removed. Things that need improvement for them are in the mid to late game, so my suggestion will be targeted at the later ages. I would like for them:

The cavalry attack and hit point card combined to 1 combat card.

Currently only 1 very useful and 2 somewhat useful out of 6 support cards. The one that gives 1TC and 10 villager is good to have, the other 2 is the 2 travois + 10FP and 500W + 14 Tomahawk. The rest either feels too expensive for the cost or too situational.

Their age 4 troop shipment is low in number compared to other civ, ex: 9 FP vs Dutch 14 Skirmisher or Indian Gurkha, or 12 Cassador, 18 Wakina, or 2x16 Yumi.

New card that allows them to ally with Cherokee, Huron, Cree, and Seminole, and also gives them the ability to research their technology.

New card or basic feature for both Lakota and Hauds to put their medicine man to the plaza at the value of 1.5 villagers. This should save 10 villagers to do the estate since Hauds only got 1 card to buff their estate.

Imo, the reason why Ram and Mantlet are rarely used is because of their wood cost in addition to Tomahawk and Kanya also costing wood. I like it if there is a new card that changes the wood cost of these units Tomahawk (Wood > Gold), Mantlet (Wood > Food), Kanya (100F,75W > 135F,40W), Ram (80F,120W > 150F,50W). This way their over-reliant on wood will be a lot lower than before.

Longhouse, Farm, and Estate should generate 200 wood trees at the rate of 1 tree every 5 minutes, which can be reduced to 1 tree every 3 minutes with Deforestation Imperial upgrade. The target is with x number of Farm and Estate + 14 Longhouse there is at least trees worth of 3000 wood to be chopped every 3 minutes (for comparison 2 Factory with wood upgrade generate 2500 wood every 3 minutes).


I think battering rams should have a bonus against walls and defensive buildings.

I also think the musketeer should have a better bonus against artillery.

you mean musket rider?

Yes. They must be exposed a lot to kill a single cannon, as they are usually protected.

This team civilization suffers a lot from late game economics because it has few cheap cards for farms and plantations, on the other hand there are really too many useful cards for units and boxes of resources and you cannot really do without them to be able to set up your game in team. Haudenosaunee is a civilization that certainly requires at least one tp because it plays a lot of expeditions especially to enhance their units, in my opinion you should get a card like the Aztec one for the economy, that is a card that gives a boost of 20% or 15% to farms and plantations but putting it in age 3 or 4 in this way the Haudenosaunee economy would be stronger in the late game. The Aztec and Lakota eco are also stronger than the Haudenosaunee and I think it is the weakest in the late game at least in the team games. Their units are fine even if I struggle to think of a Haudenosaunee in 3 age against a Sweden who does karolean and falconets or a Dutch who does ryuter and falconets, how would he be able to counter this? It has no culverins and their cav is nothing special, if you try to kill some falconets, you would lose it all.

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