Let's talk about the Hausa

you can, I discovered this trick with hotkeys, so it does require some knowledge and getting use to

the build you kinda want to go for if its late game salt is the berber card which sends 1 berber for every outpost and TC, you can send it twice if you remember to send it before imp and potentialy max out on salt mine with berber vils

On the topic of hausa food i am more convinced now that lategame food ratio for hausa is like 80 food 20-ish on gold due to how low some of the gold cost for their units are. they also have the ability to task cows onto field for like an extra 5 vils worth iirc and you can build up a reserve of food using the Akan exchange tech

yeah and they used to be even more busted with 360 hp base and 1 pop lol

With fulani you used to be able to infinite kite against any melee cav cause they essentially snare them and you have a ranged mass running at like 5 speed.

with the age 4 card they can even support cav masses and speed them up even more

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my issue that I keep running into is that i often have a dramatic excess of influence in the latest game stages and i want to turn it into danegun Maigadi. This is the only unit available that isnt stupidly food heavy, so I end up draining my coin if i do this macro. If I could mass outlaws lategame with a population reduction card I feel that macro would be less challenging.

Additionally, fulani cost wood and thus desert archers could actually fulfill a role in the latest game stages.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that the food cards for hausa are awful, you need so many to get decent food production it seems, and a lot of livestock cards are unusable or underpowered or both. I’d love a bit more unity to their cards for food production and none of these worthless 5% buffs. Consolidation of a few livestock cards into 1 or 2 would also be excellent (like the jerky card).

Card consolidation is something that i really think needs to be done on the civ, there are just so many hyperspecific unusable cards for all sorts of things and its really silly. I remember the first time i tried to put a deck together, it reminded me a bit of aztec where I was immediately under the impression that there were too many “must have” cards and thus extremely limiting on the civ

edit: after some thought, I would suggest a possible solution to the outlaw issue without breaking 1v1 would be an age 4 tech at the watch tower for around 1500-2000 influence to lower outlaw pop by 2. It would be a good buff for the latest stages of the game where you might want or need desert units to cover for maigadi or fulani, but because of the age and cost requirements it would be largely inaccessible for the average 1v1.


Totally agree, Hausa needs a buff in the food gather rate from fields, Pulaaku Code should increase the gather rate of fields to 10% instead of 5%

my friend, we need a lot more than 5% extra

yeah, but people will complain a lot if they buff more, at least for this card to be comparable with economic theory

yeah they are bad , the age 1 card is particularly bad to me since it is supposed to grant food for fields COMPLETED which means to max it out you have to build the max 50 fields.

The gather rate system for fields is also kinda strange to me since they have the base rate of a rice paddy but the vils still moves around, so you kinda get the worse of both worlds. I think the idea is that the bumping effect is weaken with the vil market tech that increases their speed and you can have a griot around to further increase speed but I can’t see any noticable increase.

For 1v1 and team games I have taken to use furrier + spice trade instead.

the age 4 card that makes villager collect wood while working on fields cover most of the wood needed when you transition fully. the wood rate also scales with any techs that improves gather rate of the main res so it really helps

a cheaper option might be the levied gunner, which has the same stats as muskets and shadow tech. if you have the hp card or even access to the yoruba ally/alliance then you can stop their hp from decreasing and its only 90 influence

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The Koose card needs to apply to future Fields for it to be at all viable. And even then, it should be bumped up to 15%.

Fulani Cattle Fertilizer could be +30% for just food instead of +10% for food and coin.

That would give an overall extra +25% on food but -10% on coin.

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i agree with everything here. a 25% buff to base gather rates is likely adequate and the card would make more sense to use. I really dont like the idea of having to make your fields before you can buff them.

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underpowered age 2 card. why would you ever use it when total res is essentially identical to the age 1 card

infinite 10 fulani, sad sad infinite card. fulani invasion is equally bad, too much opportunity cost in an already loaded deck for just 1 archer per shipment.

2 more awful cards. in what world is a vet upgrade worth 1000 influence. The influence per military unit will never, ever be worth a shipment in a normal game, especially considering how much influence a fully built hausa base generates.

these desperately need to be merged. individually weak cards, never worth the shipment or card slot.

good shipment, not good for age 3 at all. hunting tempo is gone. fulling mills is an age 1 card for 200% livestock rate, why on earth is this 35% for an age 3 card. Arguably hausa has way more livestock access and i get that but either the rate needs a solid buff (75% to livestock at least) or it needs to be an age 1 or 2 card.

lol so bad

both the unit and shipment have been nerfed, very underpowered now.

again, terrible value for an age 3 card. give us -2 pop to outlaws (-1 to marksmen obvs) or this card is useless in supremacy and lategame.

japan: infinite 7 nagi, no shipment penalty
hausa: [cries]


agree but I would add that Yawon dandi also has to reduce native train time.

The age 1 card faster work rate near a uni would be pretty cool if it also shipped a griot. The age 2 uni card is a little sad as well

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fulani cattle fertilizer boost might be a bit too much

iirc the field techs give the same +95% upgrade to food as euro (the baseline lets say) and then then some what standard food silo, sustainable agri and refridge is another +50% (though some civs dont have food silo but that is adjustable)

hausa then has +95% from the grannary techs, +10% from the grannary aura, koose is another 10% and fulani cattle fertilizer is another 10 and then the code card is another 5, so net is +35%, which is equivalent to missing food silo. its the same level as the italian late game food eco.

you might only need to boost each of the 3 card by 5
% card for it to be on par. i think it will be on par with the chinese lategame food eco for example at +50%

contrast with the ethiopian late game food eco which is +65% (which is considered top tier in treaty) then hausa should be fine


mostly correct with the caveat that base rate on field is dramatically lower than euros. I’d be interested in seeing the ingame total income rates before drawing concrete conclusions.

yeah its kinda suspicious, if it worked like rice paddies where they aren’t moving then I think we have a solid baseline since asian civ food eco are comparable to euro ones since mills actual rate is like 70% of the displayed number.

but I think the fact that the ethiopian food eco is considered top tier in treaty does give us a starting point given all that we know about it. if someone is willing to actually do the testing and set it up that would be great lol

yeah, Ethiopia economy is good no broken. The problem is their coin gather rate in fields, is low, then they are kind balance IMO in the economic aspect, and military they are broken.

A lot of these cards are pretty crap, but some are just trying to push you toward a particular playstyle. The lack of food upgrades for farms is to direct you to get your food from livestock. The problem is that the cards are a bit underpowered to properly facilitate that.

Kilishi Jerky and Suya Skewers are actually okay cards. The only issue is that age 3 is a bit late for Suya Skewers. Buffing Kilishi Jerky to also give +10% yield to hunts and livestock would be enough to buff both. It would help your hunts to last into age 3 and also give your livestock a total of +25% yield to make butchering them viable.

Moroccan Leather is a total waste if you don’t end up eating your livestock, which is most of the time. If it shipped a few goats along with it that could be enough to make it worth it. Or it could just be rolled into the Morocco age up.

Crossing Festival should slightly improve the livestock fattening rate to make it actually better than the 4 cows card.

With all the above changes, you could have a pretty viable food economy just from butchering livestock. You’d be getting 750 food and 50 influence from each cow and 360 food and 30 influence from each goat butchered (minus decay). You also retain the full +15% from Pulaaku Code if you go with livestock gathering instead of farming and the Granary aura applies to both. If you focused mainly on goats you’d avoid villagers getting too out of control and killing all your cows.

Cards like Koose and Amina Epic mainly need to apply to past and future units and buildings instead of current ones. No one is going to make 10 farms just to get 300 food.

Hadeija Emirate and some of the unit shipment cards need to ship a couple more units to be worth it.

Fulani Invasion could maybe be combined with the Fulani Archer Combat card. That would be a bit of an age 3 nerf though.

Yawon Dandi needs to also reduce the population of all outlaws by one.

All the cards for walls and defenses are also quite useless. Team Hausa Gates is basically entirely superseded by Gatekeepers. Team Ancient Kano Walls seems like it only exists to make some absurd stats on walls technically possible for a Hausa, Portugal, and China team. Katsina Fortifications needs to do something more like increasing health or build limit to be worth it. The only reason why these cards might ever be used is because City Walls costs way too much. It should really have at least 50% or its cost as wood considering it can be researched directly from the wall, not just the University/Monastery.

Shared African cards like Hegemony, Mass Levies, and Draft Oxen are just too bad to ever be used.

There are also a few techs that need some refining. For example, Cow Loans takes forever to research. Way too often I’ll start to research it and then mess up and sell a cow before it is done. It already requires that you sell more than 6 cows to break even, so it could at least research quickly so that it can be used right away.

Yawon dandi I remember used to be borderline busted though I don’t remember why. It has been nerfed several times. like it used to have a gold cost iirc.

the card does provide good value if you do cav fi into like dunbar parade + yoruba since you basically you are basically shadow teching to guard level cav with splash. the only thing I would change is maybe cost to 750 or something

Hegemony is a treaty shipment I don’t think it needs that much change

that’s really just it, its always going to be an inferior card to other age 3 cards. this would do well as an age 2 card to compare to spice trade for economic options

or merged with jerky imo. combined they would be a really solid economic shipment that would be useable in most game modes.

im not sure the best way to fix it. maybe add 2v or 3v with the cows … or as you mentioned, a fattening rate bonus.

i would love a card that mirrors value with the 16 steppe shipment for raiders.

i will always stand behind this. fairly certain nearly every single africa player agrees.

i believe you’re thinking of the outlaw dmg buff that used to be age 2. im fairly certain this card is untouched, but I’d be happy to be proven wrong if someone can find some patch notes.

its definitely ok value across an extended imperial game, but there’s nearly zero payoff in the short term and since its literally just your own cav, it should cost (less) coin and not influence imo.

did not know this. interesting.

no this change happen pretty early on, like about the same time as the first big nerf to hausa when it rushing everyone to death.

i cant actually remember what the card did and it was so early on I cant even find any notes on it. the first wiki page on hausa hc cards was in december 2021, which is like several months after the civ came out by that point.

there is only this mention left, but i think it also used to do something else after the first change

essas cartas são muito ruins, em tratado o deck hausa sobra espaço por falta de cartas decentes