Let's talk about the lobby browser

I think the lobby browser is okay, not terrible but a few features are missing.

  • Being able to filter per region would be nice.
  • You can filter by “Game Mode” but there’s no point in doing that because the only game mode is “Standard”. The game needs more game modes. E.g. if I disable victory by Wonder, it should be called a different game mode. There’s a good reason such a game mode exists in AoE2. Winning by wonder sucks.
  • There should be a separate column for the type of map. The current “(Generated Map)” info just clutters the map column with unnecessary info. Of course I wanna know if it’s an official map or a scenario (once mod support comes), but please in a different column.


  • Double clicking a lobby should make you join it (for quick join)

I brought up the double click to join up in the beta discussion. I hate it I sit there double clicking and wondering why I can’t join!. I do love the fact that you can join groups and then drag your entire group into a game.