Let's talk about the TrueSkill ranking system for 1v1 ranked is broken (or bugged?)

There seems to be a bug, in 1v1 you actually gain more elo vs players 600+ lower, than vs players 300-600 lower.
You gain 10 elo flat vs players way lower (Around 600+), but 7~9 if the elo diff. is between around 300-600.

This actually doesn’t happen for qp elo, in qp you get 1 or even 0 if the elo diff. is too wide. Which is the reason why the elo gap between top3 and top10 is wider in 1v1 ranked than qp before.

I wonder is this a simple input error of entered 10 instead of 1…


QP elo gain as compare

Both broken and bugged.

Ranked 1v1 makes no sense right now, for a multitude of reasons.