Let's talk campaign

We already have the campaign with William the Conqueror. Your forecasts for the next campaign?

One based on the Mongols seems obvious, given that they interacted with both the Chinese and the Delhi Sultanate. I’d like to see another dealing with the Crusades, and that inclusion seems likely. The last one is harder to predict, but maybe the 100 years war? While you play primarily as the English in the Norman campaign, maybe the 100 years war would include scenarios from both perspectives? My hesitation with this one is that it seems like it would involve the same civilizations, so they might try to spread out the campaigns a bit more than that.

The Norman campaign trailer implies that it might go as far as the War of the Roses. 100 years war is basically confirmed.
That would be 400 years that are covered in the campaign.

Mongols seem to be an obvious campaign.
China is probably not as well suited because most interesting wars are between different Chinese factions.

If the leaked civilisations (HRE, France and Abbasids) are correct a crusade focused campaign seems likely. Arabian conquest campaign less likely because there is no Byzantine Empire.

No idea what the 3rd one could be. If the Rus are in the game who are they going to fight besides the Mongols?