Let's tell relic our feature priorities

Hello Age of Empires friends :slight_smile:

With this survey we have the chance to tell Relic what our biggest priorities are for future seasons of AOE4.

Please select 10 points that are most important to you.

  • Bug fixes
  • Balance changes
  • New civilizations
  • New campaigns
  • More communication possibilities for players
  • More unique units per civilizations and different looks for units which are available to all civilizations
  • Additional modding possibilities
  • Color picker
  • Taunts
  • More maps
  • Cheats
  • Better and more lively AI
  • More game options (Diplomacy, increase population limit, auto tribute and others) and game modes (hero, treaty, battle royal and others)
  • More animals and plants for BIOMS
  • Mercenary units
  • Improved learning section (build orders and other things)
  • Hotkey improvements
  • Map vote system
  • Changing lighting / day times
  • New art of war challenges
  • Additional quality of life features
  • Observer mode improvements
  • Waypoint indicators
  • UI improvements (including intro and menu)
  • Advanced Mega Random (starting with units, more villagers, castles and other options)
  • coop-campaign
  • team ranked season

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Please tell me when I missed an important option. I will add it to the survey.

Kind regards

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Smaller 4 vs 4 maps

No Dark Age

Elephants +50 damage to buildings

Brown color

QM Game time-limit set to 1 hour before all unit attack stats boosted by 600%.

I don’t agree, removing the dark ages would be a mistake, it’s the age where you choose your strategy


You choose your strategy while loading in and always make adjustments as you scout. Dark Age is boring and useless in this game as you cannot do anything during this time other than trying to get to Feudal ASAP.

Big apology for all people already voted :frowning: I wanted to add coop-campaign and team ranked seasons. Then it deleted all the existing votes.

I’m really sorry. Please vote again. I won’t change options again. I didn’t expected this behavior when adding new options :frowning:

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I kind of theoretically agree with the rationale that Dark Age should be removed if the only thing you do is try to get to Feudal ASAP, but it doesn’t seem like that’s totally true; sometimes I try to get to feudal ASAP, but sometimes I delay it by having one vil on the landmark if I plan to FC; sometimes I focus on getting wheelbarrow immediately which results in a delay; sometimes I make an extra scout if I’m rus or my opponent is. So Dark Age should be removed if there are not strategic choices involved in it, but it seems like there are.


You shouldn’t have locked the poll on 10 options.

I had to pick 3 things i don’t care about to get my 7 priors into the vote…


I found it hard to decide between the options and didn’t want that someone can’t choose all of the things which are important to him.

But I could set the minimum options lower to 5 or so. So that you can choose between 5 and 10 options. Sorry that I didn’t do that :frowning:

Unfortunately I can’t change the poll now.

No worries mate. :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity…
Couldn’t you leave the amount of vote options open?
(I never made a poll myself)

Thank you :slight_smile:

You can set a minimum and a maximum. Theoretically I could set for example the minimum to 1 and the maximum to 10.

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Maybe add smaller 3v3 4vs4 maps

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You can’t end the game in DA, and rarely in Feudal.

I just want the game to feel quick and lively. DA in this game is slow and mostly a fruitless time.

Just give archers and Cav in DA and it’ll be better, maybe.

This isn’t starcraft… sadly this game is so poorly designed that dark age becomes a chore. Age of Empires 2 at least gave you an option during dark age to affect the rest of your match with things you do in dark age to gain map control/momentum for early feudal and then snow ball. Unit production being so slow and the way units are costed means that you are putting yourself at a massive disadvantage investing in dark age… If you want to end the game in Feudal go play Age 2, by far the superior of these two games.

As i’ve said before, the game was poorly conceived, the balance is poor and fails at the rts fundamentals - pathfinding, hotkeys, responsiveness. I’ve almost come to the conclusion that heat seeking projectiles was a bodge to save the game since the unit responsiveness is so poor further ruining the game. (for me personally but I know its a big sticking point with lots of Age fans but not everyone feels as strongly about this)

Go play something else and wait for a good mod team to strip the game back and rebuild it to actually be fun. Relic have used this game as an easy cash cow to fund their CoH3 which looks 1000x better than this game. They should provide the community with the dev kit and let us actually fix it and let them be shot of it.

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Now make this poll for people not on this forum.

I can’t imagine the average AoE player cares that much about balance.

P.S. Idk how people find DA boring with scouting/sheep/deer shenanigans…


I think I will make the same poll later on reddit in the aoe4 group and on steam.

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Please ad the option:

Fix drop hacking.

(I think everyone counts this one under balance or bug atm. I can’t imagine this isn’t the nr. 1 ‘request’ right now)

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Should be in the game and everyone can see and vote lol

What? In aoe2 dark age you literally did nothing , build some eco buildings and go to the next age

Unfortunately I can’t adding an option without losing votrs. Therefore I can’t add it. Sorry :frowning:

But I think this is a bug therefore under bug fixes option.

@Revenchule I saw that on reddit max 6 options are possible and on steam no pool can be made :frowning:

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