Level system for warriors.

I think it would be very interesting to have a level system for heroes and they have special abilities.
Similarly there is a level system for any warrior, where once each warrior was killing other warriors, that number could be counted and each warrior leveled up after killing a certain number of warriors and becoming stronger. It would also be nice to be able to name any warrior.


Sorry to disagree. This mix with regular vs Hero/experienced units were the major part of the AoM/AoE3 not being as favourable as AoE2. Followed by the mistake to implement different bonuses when you age up/shipments etc. etc.

My few words is that the game shouldn’t be as diverse and feature rich as ex. Civilization as the complexity comes in meta-gameplay. Just have it pretty plain and uniform and just spice it up with small regional changes in aesthetics and small bonuses here and there.


AoE is not about single heroes, its about massive armies.
A level system doesnt make there much sense.

A simple counter question, why does AoE4 have to be like Warcraft 3?
Warcraft 3 is right over there on battle net for just 30 Bucks, polished up for modern day PCs.


eeeeeeh no. This and other RPG like little features don’t belong to aoe. maybeeeee heroes that work like in aom, but only in campaign.
lol the talking about heroes here made me remember about the death of Charles the Bold, duke of Burgundy, in the 15th century.

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Why not put all those “innovative” ideas “from over 15 or 25 years old Blizzard games”
into Spin-off Age of Mythology 2?

Age of Mythology deserves a sequel and there you can be innovative, like by Blizzard.
Like Horse evolve into Pegasus or Unicorn. Historical setting just has it limits and boundaries.

AoE4 as a part of the main Series, should maintain main franchise characteristics.

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I don’t really like the level-up thing, but gaining experience could be a thing for your armies, or commanders -if there’s going to be anything like that-.
However it shouldn’t be powerful enough to force the players into action to get the xp. If anyone here is familiar with a scenario variant on AoE3, called coloseum, knows how this thing works and how powerful the stats boost can get. You are basically forced to fight if you want to survive.
So, I think if there’s going to be such a feature, it should work very slowly and mostly affect the late-game, or be a mode by itself.

Oh gosh no, leveling up units is the worst thing that could happen to AoE4. Just keep far away from that.

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