I feel like the minimap is extremely stressful with a lot of big alerts that cover the whole map
you cant see if its a wolf or one enemy unit or a whole army
as you can see here

sometimes is like this everywhere over the map when you are under multiple attacks they overlap each other make it very difficult to see anything inside the big circle because the circle is filled with red color
for example, in starcraft, you can see what going on better.

I suggest some small changes to improve it:

1 -Can you just make the red alert way smaller and don’t take 20% of the minimap(the red circle that go big and small who is filled red.

The change should be:
**fill= No fill **
outline= red (the circle of the animation wave that goes big and small).

2- attack from wolf should have different color and sound also change if as the suggestion number 1
or make the unit red twinkle without circle wave animation.

3- when the attack is more than 4sec remove the red circle from the same attack and change it for building/units red twinkle.

here is an example at the end of the GIF for the red twinkle:


I agree with the alert visibility - mid to late game, the alerts are just overwhelming. It’s a bit much and really hard to read. It’s already hard enough as-is to see the resources on the minimap haha

try to find a relic on late castle to see what the hell it is