Life improvement suggestions to Multiplayer UI- Unranked lobbies

There are 2 improvement that i would like for the multiplayer Ui and that i think would Make easier for Everyone to find better matches in the unranked lobbies

TITLES- A recourring problem is that Treaty games are listed as Supremacy in the unranked lobbies. This poses a sérious problem since often players enter a game, and see Supremacy, but then its NR 40 (and drop).
If the game lobby could say Supremacy - treaty X mins it would fix this.

SET permanent filters: the game does not memorize my preference filters when searching a game in the unranked lobbies. I dont want to constantly have to select “all regions and public games”. Is it possible to Create a “lock filters button?”


I have been tricked into treaty several times. Its fine, but it would be nice to know what i was getting into