Life is hard for 4v4 ranked players (solo queue)

You spend 1/3 of your time with games that someone disconnects in the first 5 minutes.
Then in the queue another 1/3 of your time with multiple “Failed to join the match” warnings instead of starting the game.

You are left with MAYBE 1/3 of enjoyable game time…

I don’t know if people are crashing or disconnecting but please fix this! Are we really going to have 2 months without a patch with the game like this? :confused:


Yep, is totally unplayable. I don’t know what is the problem because I never seem to disconnect but in almost EVERY game someone disconnects in the first minutes of the game. And to make things even better you lose ELO, good job devs.

I’m not even counting the “failed to join the match” which is also ridiculous. And of course no patch yet.

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Meh, i played lots of team games recently, but the number of disconnects and failed to join the match is way to high in your post based on my experience.

Main issue for me is that i am stuck with playing with noobs, because team ratings are inflated. So you first have to fight through a lot of noobs, before you can face players of your own skill.

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Actually in my last 50 games I can’t remember a single person disconnecting (few more than half were 1v1s though)

my friends DC constantly and it has been a bad time the last 2 months.

It mostly happens in Brazil server, seems like some data pack is missing for 1 second, and their weak laptops can’t recover.

I dont know why, but too many team games are played on brasil server and always laggy…

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I was one of those guys dropping a lot, my pc is in good shape, I7 with GTX 1070, 1gb internet, etc etc… What was happening was that my game just stopped updating, it wasnt frozen or closing, like birds kept singing and crap like that, but no villagers were moving any more, i was able to write to the chat but for sure no one would read me, for the other players i was disconnected and me, i just just stuck in the limbo.

So i decided to uninstall the game and re install it and it have been good since then. Hope that helps.


I don’t know what you’re smoking, but this is not possible. Are you talking about 1v1 games or team games? And are you talking about yourself or others?

It’s literally happened 3 times in a row in games I’ve been in just before this post…

The problem isn’t any one person disconnecting, it’s that it can happen to anyone out of up to 8 people in a 4v4 game, and almost always there is a domino effect so the other 3 who don’t disconnect end up resigning one after another.

The game is unplayable in team ranked.

We should not have to attempt weird fixes to try and get it to work. It’s the developer’s job. I literally can’t think of any other game in the last 10 years, probably more, where an issue like this has continued to go unfixed in a game that has been released…

The post is about 4v4, of course 1v1 people will amost never drop because a person with crash/disconnect problems won’t even try to play 1v1s…

Also I was talking about solo queue 4v4 so I can’t even narrow down people from my own team with the problem. I’ll try my luck with 3v3s to see if it helps, because 4v4s right now requires about 2 hours of your time for each match.

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Hahahaha, you need to try playing Gran Turismo Sport. Mass disconnects in FIA races, the pit bug, the auto drive bug, none of them ever get fixed.

I would recommend sticking to 4v4s. I used to queue 3v3 and 4v4, but I only queue 4v4 now, simply because if one person disconnects, everyone else is more likely to stay.

It is possible that the reason why I am not experiencing any disconnects from anyone in my games is because I usually play ranked and to get to my elo it would be nearly impossible with half of the games disconnected.

Me and a friend sometimes have problems late into a 2v2 vs ai game, where it starts lagging for us, and one of can get disconnected from it, but it might take like 5 minutes to tell you you’ve been disconnected. It’ll tell the other player still in the game, but will just show you a frozen game, that you can still navigate around.

This is a separate problem which me and my friends quite often have. Only appears in multiplayer versus AIs.

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I already said it is about team games. It is about all players in the game. So if one player dropped, it will count as a drop for that game.

90% of all games are fine.

Really?? I just don’t believe it sorry, not from my experience. Perhaps you live in Brazil, next to the infamous server?

This is really my experience. My biggest issue with team games are all the noobs i have to deal with. With 1v1 it is really your strength vs strength of opponent. But for team games ratings are inflated and you also have to deal with allies. Some are pretty stupid…

Brasil is far away for me.

So you’re saying that in the last 20 games you played, you only observed disconnects in 2 of them, and that the other 18 had no players disconnect??

What is your elo? At ~2100 elo games I’m experiencing a lot of queue time and random people disconnecting. And lately I’m being pretty unlucky, most of the times is from my team lol…

Well it’s 4v4 I’m talking about so if 1 of the 8 people drops it ruins everything, sadly.

That is correct.